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Oct 20, 2008 09:26 AM

Pann's- Very Suprised......

Part of my familial obligation was to drop my brother and his wife off at LAX this Saturday for their vacation. They wanted to grab some lunch, and instead of doing something like IN-N-OUT we elected to eat at Pann's. Walking into this place took me to the 50's, red leather booths, "futuristic" 50s architecture, and very good service. We sat down and looked at the menu which was pretty extensive, however it did highlight what they did well. Boxed on top left of the menu was the waffle and wing combo, which my brother ordered. My sister in-law ordered the fajita omelet with biscuit. I ordered the combo which was a waffle, 2 eggs, and 3 wings. I also watched as a large tray of fluffy biscuits was carried to its holding bin. Pann's has basically emblazoned the fact that they won LA Magazine's best biscuit award everywhere. I succumbed and added that to my order. The great thing about this was that the waffle was very good, and the chicken wings were to die for!! Could be the best fried chicken wings that I have had in LA!! Then I popped the top off of my biscuit, and spread some butter on them and then smiled at the crusty, butttery, crispy richness. The biscuit was fluffy with the right amount of crispness to it. The eggs over easy were not perfect as one of the yolk was busted very minor issue for me. Already this might rival my favorite breakfast joint (DuPars) just on chicken wings and waffles for breakfast. To me this collection of food items, definitely made me feel that this blows Roscoe's out of the water. On our way out, I noticed that Pulp Fiction was shot here from the scene shots. Barron Davis was relaxing with his crew, and the place was jammed Saturday morning. We decided to pick up some cookies from the case near the checkout counter, unfortunately they were ho-hum. I need to come back for the patty melt. This is my new find for LA!!

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've always wanted to eat there BECAUSE Pulp Fiction was filmed there. Glad to know the foods are great as well.

    1. Thanks for the review! Sounds like a new place to stop off for breakfast before hitting the airport. Must try the biscuits! But I thought that the Pulp Fiction diner was the Hawthorne Grill in Hawthorne?

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        PF was definitely shot in the now demolished Hawthorne Grill. Owners of Pann's are related to the former owners of HG

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          Ah! Thanks for the clarification. I was really confused by that... :)

      2. I was at Pann's for a birthday brunch on Saturday with my family. We were very pleasantly surprised by how tasty & well prepared everything was. The chicken wings were meaty, and crispy, the biscuits were flaky and held up very well with their tasty gravy. Eggs were all cooked as ordered, hash browns weren't crisp enough, but more important that that -- they weren't a grease bomb, which we really appreciate. Even the breakfast steak was very decent, not the most tender cut, but tasty, and thick enough to cook to order. The staff and service were friendly. I felt like this was coffee shop food the way it was originally intended, solid. And while I didn't have coffee -- it must have been good, because someone always thinks it's too strong, and someone always thinks it's too weak --and not one complaint from the table.

        1. Glad you liked it. Pann's is no surprise to us Chowhounds. I felt the same way the first time I had the chicken wings and waffles.

          1. Great Pann's post. I had just posted the day before about the fact that their biscuits are now available at night too.

            I dream about their patty melt. I posted a love note about it a while back. If I can find that post I'll link to it. The one time I had a patty melt and it wasn't a revelation they must have run out of rye and substituted another bread. It just wasn't the same. But that was an anomaly. Every other time I have had it my mouth kept saying thank you after every bite.

            Finally, the rock and roll sound track they play (at just the right level) is straight out of the hall of fame as far as I am concerned.

            add: found the prior patty melt post:

            Final tip. Sign up for their frequent diner program. You get a cool "Pann's" card for your purse or wallet and they are very generous with their reward coupons which they mail to you.


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              Oh, lord, a Pann's Frequent Diner card...I'm sunk! I already go there whenever I have the least excuse, but it's usually been when I was in that part of town anyway (i.e. a goodly distance from Pasadena!). I can see I'm gonna be burning through some serious gas now...

              About those wings: I don't know where they find the giant chickens, but I'd hate to meet a live one in a dark alley! One of these days, just for grins, I'm going to bring a KFC drumstick into Pann's just to see once and for all if their wings really are bigger, as I've long suspected.