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Oct 20, 2008 09:22 AM

BYOB inexpensive cafe or bistro

We will be in Montreal for a budget get-away in November. We plan on checking out the city and returning with a bigger budget in a few months. I have read quite a few of the inexpensive boards and have some ideas of places to eat at (Ma-Ma Boldoc, Patati Patata, Boustans, Santropel). But I was specifically looking for places for dinner for a Saturday and Sunday that are very casual with good fare that will let us bring our own wine with being snobby about which wine we bring. We are staying downtown at the Holiday Inn and love all kinds of foods. Budget would be about $15 per person (I meant budget when I said budget!).


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  1. Perhaps the least expensive and certainly one of the better deals to be had for a BYOB in Montreal is Khyber Pass, If you search this board you will find some discussion about what people recommend. For me, one of the standout dishes is the Korma Chalaw.

    1. If you don't mind a small bit of travel by metro, Bombay Mahal (super close to L'Acadie metro stop on the blue line) is a fabulous, casual, BYOB Indian place. The earlier you go, the less crowded it'll be. Wonderful Southern Indian specialties like masala dosas and extremely inexpensive.

      Bombay Mahal
      1001, rue Jean-Talon Ouest
      Phone: (514) 273-3331

      Note - If you're planning on hitting the Jean-Talon Market (and you should!) you could even take a nice stroll west afterwards, down the incredibly diverse Jean-Talon Blvd. to Bombay Mahal.

      Note 2 - I just noticed you said café or bistro - Bombay Mahal is neither, but since you said you like all types of food you may want to give it a shot if you're in the mood for Indian. :-)

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        One other option is the newly reopened Lombardi on Duluth. North American home style italian and pretty affordable. Probably more like $20 a head but still very cheap and quite good.

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          In about the same area, another Indian, India's Oven, with decent tandoori stuff (bbq meats and breads - vegetarian options as well, and an unusually good budget byow Vietnamese, Nhu Y, both on Jean-Talon West. Nhu Y is very close to Castelnau métro (a short walk west of the market), India's Oven near métro du Parc, just a bit further west. You'll find threads on Nhu Y if you do a board search.

          Neither will be snotty about the type of wine you bring - frankly I don't think most places would, because they know that alas some people get stuck bringing "dépanneur" (corner store) plonk even to better restaurants. Don't do that though. Even if your budget is very limited, you can get cheaper and better wines at the SAQ (société des alcools du Québec - the government wines and spirits monopoly).

          I agree about Khyber Pass. We also like Terrasse Lafayette, a Greek place that not much more than a souvlaki joint, but foods prepared with care. I know there is at least one poster here who doesn't like the place, but it is the fallback cheap place to meet for most of my friends. It is at the corner of Jeanne-Mance and Villeneuve, that is, one short block east of avenue du Parc and between Mont-Royal and St-Joseph.

          1. re: lagatta

            I actually had done quite a bit reading about Khyber Pass and thought that might be a great place to try. Their menu sounds delicious and it is close to our hotel. I have never had Afghan so I am excited to try it. I will check out the other places also. Keep the options coming! I can always save suggestions for next time.

            1. re: JazzyK

              Bit late to suggest you have a picnic in a park, but I suppose you could have one in your room (don't leave a mess for the maind, now). Portuguese roast or grilled chickens on St-Laurent, lots of possible prepared sides...

            2. re: lagatta

              terrace lafayette has never once got our order right, either in correctly bringing our menu selection or the food quality was below par. Sorry. just our experience, it's close but we swore it off after so many bad meals there.

              Chez Van on laurier for inexpensive viet/asian we like.

              Khyber Pass we liked a lot but we've moved farther away, and we miss it.