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Oct 20, 2008 09:20 AM

Silver and Stone

This is a new fine dining restaurant and wine bar open now in Georgetown. The chef is my good friend's son in law (disclosure). He was chef at Main Street Grill in Round Rock several years ago which I didn't know when I dined there. I thought he did a terrific job and was bragging about him to my friend when she told me he is her son in law.

I'm probably not going to be able to try it until next week but it's an opportunity for those who can to check it out... and post back... the menu looks very good.

I may be blind, but I don't see the address on the website. I do know it's one block off of the square.

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  1. The G'Town restaurant resurgence continues apace. Not too long ago a local beauty shop owner and entrepreneur shepherded Dia Thai Cuisine, 114 East 7th Street, Suite 105 Georgetown, TX into existence, right off the square down from his shop. He intends to import from Brazil next, opening a churrascaria. So along with Italian (see my earlier chow review of Tony and Luigi's), that's 3 new international flags awaving close to the Williamson County courthouse. Hayashi's, in nearby Wolf Ranch, however, brings shame to the Land of the Rising Sun City. Pretentious and overpriced frequently go hand-in-hand roll with sushi spots, but this one adds sad squirts of sorry sauces to its tepid, discolored sashimi. mushi-mushi.

    1. Wow, I was impressed with the beer selection. May have to take the wife here.

      1. i did enjoy tony and luigis when i went there but they arent cheap ,silver and stone looks to be pricey but i do enjoy the main st grill.i will have to try thaiplace soon.any one know the price range at silver and stone.

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          I believe it averages around $20-30 for entre'e (some more some less). The food, the staff, and the wine and drink selection are wonderful. Not to mention the VIEW.