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Oct 20, 2008 09:03 AM

Measuring spoons chain

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to replace a couple of chains that usually come with a set of measuring spoons, I've checked places like Home Depot without success...

I'm wondering if anyone else has replaced or would at least know of a place where I might find new chains? Ace??

Thank you.


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  1. The chains that have come on measuring spoons for me at least have always been what i've called "ball chain" like what's on lamps. I would check Home Depot again, and certainly ACE or most any hardware store.

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    1. re: catlike

      Thanks, catlike, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Much appreciated.

    2. I've always seen measuring cups on a ring, rather than a chain. You can find rings (like key rings) of many sizes at most well-stocked hardware stores.

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      1. On a slightly different topic, I just got measuring spoons for Christmas that are held together by magnets. They're wonderful!!!

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        1. re: mmilanam

          Thanks for posting this link! I am definitely going to check this out. what a helpful item to have!