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Oct 20, 2008 08:07 AM

Best Buys at BJs?

We just signed up at BJs on the weekend (DH needed new tires and they were MUCH cheaper there than anywhere else he priced them!) So now we get to buy groceries there. I've had a prowl around the store and I was very pleased to see Laughing Cow cheese, Sabra hummus and smuckers natural peanut butter at very reasonable prices. Their meat prices look very good too, so I expect we'll save quite a bit of money there in the long run. But I'm wondering about their processed foods and other goodies. What's worth buying?

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  1. I get my Mauna Loa macadamia nuts at BJs. Costco doesn't carry them. Conversely, Costco carries marcona almonds but BJs does not. We belong to both. We go to Costco more frequently, but when we go to BJs we load up on things Costco doesn't carry (more kinds of canned fruit, for example).

    BJs carries more varieties of cereal than Costco. I'm a sucker for cheap cereal. This weekend I took inventory. We have 18 different cereals in play right now. It's Seinfeldesque.

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      We never got good value for money for our Costco membership - the store was too far away and it was always so crowded etc that it was a nightmare to shop at... I wouldn't have wanted to join another discount club at all, but they built one right around the corner from us. And we didn't have any trouble finding a parking place on a Saturday morning!

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        i bought mauna loa macadamias at costco yesterday. excellent!!!

      2. We belong to Costco now, but were members at BJ's for years. BJ's have by far the better of the roast chickens. People stand on line for them waiting as they take them out of the oven on weekends. Not as greasy as the chickens at Costco.

        1. I just signed up too! We were members a couple years ago and for whatever reason I decided to rejoin.

          I did a quick walk through and some of the things I saw that I would purchase is Locatelli Romano cheese - awesome price, I think it was half what I pay in the grocery store, smoked salmon, manchego cheese, wine, deli meats, olive oil and cereal like another mentioned.

          I like Costco better, but I live closer to a BJ's.

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            I just signed up three!

            I can't believe the low, low cheese prices. Hooray!

          2. I will also second the smoked salmon. At $10/lb, it's barely a luxury item.

            1. BJs has good bacon & great deals on ground buffalo.

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                Ooooh, good to know. We are a family of bacon lovers and I'm "buffalo-curious".

                It bears mentioning, when I was off to BJ's to open my membership, I stopped by Sam's Club b/c it was next door and I wanted to compare the two stores. I was leaning towards BJ's anyway, but wanted to give Sam's a chance.

                I went into Sam's and the guy out front didn't stop me and ask to see my card, but I knew that was protocol so I went over to the customer service desk to ask if I could look around to see what products they carry (I wanted to see if they had good cheeses, food products, wine, etc). A man at the CS counter immediately started spieling to me about some $100 membership that would allow me to shop between 7-10am, when regular membership folk were excluded. This $100 bucks also bought me the right to other store offers, blah, blah, blah and he droned on endlessly. I asked him if I could have a look around. He said yes, but only w/ an escort. I asked, "Really? I just want to see what products you carry, not shop or anything." He said they have strict security there and cameras and everything and I could only walk through the store w/ an employee escort. I found this funny since no one checked my membership status upon entering so I could've walked through the store, sans the employee escort, if I wanted. I told him that this didn't sit well with me and I thanked him and headed over to BJ's and bought a membership. Incidentally, the CS man at BJ's didn't try to sell me anything and invited me to have a look around and was the polar opposite of the Sam's Club dude.

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                  During the summer, I went to both BJ's and Sam's to compare. I had no issue going to the desk in both places, getting a brief membership explanation, and doing a long, un-escorted walk-through. I don't think that it's Sam's policy to have an escort, you just had some jerk at customer service.

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                    Your Sam's experience is very odd. I have made investigative trips to all three and never had a problem...perhaps that one has had some problems lately.