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Oct 20, 2008 07:47 AM

[PDX] Biwa

Great news: Biwa is now open on Sundays. I think they've got the best ramen in town: great noodles, great broth. While most people prefer the darker, shoyu-based broth, but I actually prefer the lighter, seafoody shio broth. (The ramen is an especially good deal at their late night happy hour: after 9pm, a big bowl is only $6, I think.)

The rest of their menu is great, especially the yakimono. My current favorite is the shioyaki saba, but the chicken thighs and shiitake are also up there for me. A nice sake list, too, but because they've got a full liquor license, they also offer shochu.

215 SE 9th Ave Ste 102, Portland, OR 97214

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  1. actually the HH bowl starts at $5, but add-ons....well, add-on to the price. egg=$1, chosyu=$2, late HH value I can think of.

    I second the vote for best ramen in town. noodles are a 9(in a town of 3's) and the broth is a 9.5(I prefer the shoyu, but the shio is no slouch either).