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Good Food While Kiling Time near Green Airport ?

I need to kill a couple of hours while waiting between 2 family pick-ups at Green in Providence. I don't want to drive back to the city to eat if possible. Any local haunts for fast but great sandwiches, subs, pizza etc that stand out in that neighborhood other than the typical chains ?

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  1. Don't know if this qualifies as a "chain" because there are 4-5 of them in RI, but Gregg's is a nice casual place with a wide variety of food on their menu and desserts to die for! Right on the Post Road in Warwick, less than 5 minutes from Green.

    1. Legal Seafood is right across the street.

      1. Thanks folks.. I just noticed there's a Jersey Mike's franchise just down the road... May be the place to go for a guy who grew up in South Jersey. I've had pretty good luck with some of there places down south...Pretty close to the real thing. Gregg's sounds good as well especially for the sweets.

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          I grew up in Jersey too, and Jersey Mike's is definitely the closest you can get around these parts if you're looking for a good sub. Bertucci's, whilst it is a chain, is decent. I used to love Legal Seafoods but think it's gone downhill recently. There's a good sports bar right across from the airport with decent burgers, wings, and the like, but I can't remember the name for the life of me.

        2. There's a great deli not far from the airport - they make great sandwiches and quite possibly the best Italian grinders I've ever had - there's a little cafe to sit and enjoy your meal...oh, and my kids love their chicken wings and calzones! It's The Food Chalet, and the address is 874 Post Road...I've been going there for years and never been disappointed - not only do I get the occasional lunch there, but I do a lot of shopping there - they have Buono's Italian bread...yum! They are closed on Mondays, though...not sure what day you'll be there...

          1. There's also a Chelo's right across Post Rd from the airport. It's so close that you could walk from the airport parking lot. Chelo's is a much-loved local mini-chain. The steak sandwiches are really good. Great desserts too.

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              Chelo's is a good call.
              Greggs for the carrot cake.
              I'm going to have to try Food Chalet just because they use Buono's Bread(do they make sandos with that bread?).
              There is a wienie place nearby too but not sure of the name or the quality.

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                They sure do - they also have bread from Rainbow's in Cranston. I was just there after work to pick up stuff for supper - all I can say is thank goodness I called ahead to order a loaf of Buono's 7 grain this morning, cuz they were pretty much out of bread by the time I got there!

            2. from below--

              I am not a fan of Gregg's (and one could argue, what's the difference between Gregg's and Chelo's?) but that Chelo's near the airport is our favorite Chelo's, in terms of quality.

              I've also, weirdly, had great (more than a few times) salads and pasta at that Bertucci's near the airport (and I think the one in E. Prov is horrific, and I don't frequent the chain, generally). It was a pasta w/chicken and wild mushrooms.

              1. If you are still looking I always enjoyed the Shannon View Inn which is on Post Road next to the bank. Always good daily specials

                1. Thanks for the recommendations CHOWS !

                  Went with Jersey Mikes for the main course and Greggs for dessert !

                  Excellent combo !

                  Other's reco's are now on the list for the next time I'm on hold in the area...Thanks again...