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Oct 20, 2008 07:27 AM

Cafe Italia -- East Boston

A friend and I went there for dinner Saturday night only to find it's now a Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda! We were shocked. The last time I was there was in January. Even the Cafe Italia II in the Heights is no more (although I never liked that one, anyhow).

I've since been reading on this board that it's been closed for some time and is supposed to be re-opening in Wakefield. Does anyone have any information on that? There's no phone listing and their website still says East Boston and Marblehead.

I'm heartbroken -- that was one of my FAVORITE places!

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  1. Yes, On Water Street (Rte 129) in Wakefield center. They have been working on it for months but I don't think its open yet. Soon though.

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      I heard that Caffe Italia has opened in Wakefield - anyone been?

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        Yes its open. 3 of us went last night. Nice room, excellent service. Started w bread/rolls and EVOO and couldn't stop eating it. Very fresh. I had broccoli rabe and my 2 pals had a ceasar salad and a pear gorgonzola salad for apps. Smiles all around. I inhaled the rabe. Not one bitter bite. For entrees my pals had a stuffed pork chop over a rabe which was stuffed w prosciutto and cheese, the other had roasted half chicken w veggies and roasted potato. She was unhappy w her dish saying it was too dry and bland...but then again I have NEVER known her to be happy w any resaurant meal. I ordered a pan seared cod w capers, olives. lemon and tomatoes. Had I noticed there were toms in this dish I would not have ordered it. I hate tomatoes over a white fish. But I ate every bite and enjoyed it. We were too stuffed for coffee or dessert but it left me w an appetite to go back again and try some other dishes. Loved the menu.Examples include a roasted beet salad, calamari fritti, eggplant app, gnocchi, scampi, lobster ravioli, pizza, risotto, salmon, parmagianas, veal oscar, steak and cioppino. Prices for salad and apps range from $7-10, pasta dishs $14-18,Entrees and house specialties $17-24. A big thumbs up for their first week of opening.