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Where can I buy white truffle oil around DC?

Thought Whole Foods would sell it but they only sell black truffle oil. Any stores in DC that sell it?

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  1. Maybe try Dean and Deluca?

    1. Not in DC, but The Italian Store in Arlington has had some bottles on the shelf

      Italian Store
      3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

      1. arrowine in arlington is where i got mine. but i'm not so impressed with it when i made some chicken liver pate using it.

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            ...and probably at a lot better price than i (over)paid at arrowine. i found the "truffle" aspect to be very faint in the product from arrowine. how is the tj's version? very truffle-y?

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              I can't compare it to any other brands, because this is the only bottle I've ever used, but the TJs does add the truffle-like taste (I understand all these oils are made with some chemical essence anyway) to pasta, etc. so I find it adequate.

          2. Wegmans used to have it (they probably still do but I haven't needed to buy any more in awhile...)

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              Yes I bought it at Wegmans in Fairfax. If you call the gourmet cheese department they can tell you if they have it. The little bottles are stocked on the counter of the cheese area.

            2. I got mine at Harris-Teeter, it's a house brand, a fairly pronounced truffle scent & taste to it, about $10 for an 8 or 12 ounce bottle.

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                Rephrasing dupont's question --- is there anywhere you can get reasonably priced PURE truffle oil (no artificial flavors and scents, just the real thing)? Trader Joe's told me last week they don't have any truffle oil, Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan had none, Whole Foods in Logan has only black, Vace doesn't have any, Dean and Deluca's was too expensive, ooof. I've yet to try the other Whole Foods and the Social Safeway, where I hear they've got some. Not sure if it's real or just scented.

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                  I'm pretty sure Sur La Table has some (In Pentagon Row in Arlington). I would call before heading there if it's out of the way.

              2. I have found that Urbani white truffle oil is far superior to others. I get it online. But in the "would you believe?" department is the fact that around last Christmas, Costco had it for a really low price! It was manufactured by Urbani with a slightly different label, but the oil, shape of the bottle etc. were the same. Maybe Costco will get it in this season, too. (After you open the bottle, be sure to refrigerate it.)

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                  Darn! I was at Costco yesterday and didn't even think to look.

                  I still haven't gotten my hands on some good truffle oil yet :( The (updated) results so far are:

                  - Trader Joe's, Vace: Don't carry it
                  - Safeway: Haven't seen it yet, still haven't checked Social Safeway
                  - Harris Teeter: Only has black
                  - Dean & Deluca's: too pricey
                  - Whole Foods: Has black and white, but I won't buy it. It was some other seed oil with white truffle scent.
                  - The fresh pasta stand at Eastern Market: They've got olive oil infused with white truffle scent. It's not Urbani, but same deal. Maybe I'll just go with the Urbani.

                  Thanks for the input, teachertalk!

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                    Good luck finding real white truffel oil. I tried with no luck last year. All of the bottles I found (Dean and Deluca, et.al.) were artificial reproductions. I wound up getting some white truffels and made my own oil (also made some truffeled butter). Truffled butter is one of the best things on the planet.

                2. By now I hope you've found some. But for looker in the future: online, the price of Urbani 8 oz. (don't even think of buying a smaller bottle--it doesn't last long enough!) is about $30. The Urbani-made 8 oz. at Costco last year was less than $20, but my local Costco doesn't have it yet this year. We can always hope.
                  Once you buy your big bottle, keep it in the refrigerator, and it will stay very fragrant for at least a year. If Costco doesn't have it this year, I will go online again and buy a few bottles to make it worth the price of shipping. Before opening, keep in a cool, dark place. Nothing transforms risotto or pasta with mushrooms like a long drizzle of white truffle oil!

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                    Thanks for the great suggestion! I've given up on trying to find it in DC...still haven't ordered the Urbani online yet, but I think I'll go with your advice.

                    And yes, greatbry, I do agree that truffled butter is possibly one of the most delicious thing I've ever tasted :) In fact, my whole truffle kick started last year when a friend brought back truffle oil from Italy, made truffle butter, and we devoured truffle-butter pasta all night .... oh man. the memories.

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                      I believe Cheesetique in Del Ray, VA has it. http://cheesetique.com/shop/
                      I recommend that place in general though :) mmmm...cheese...