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Oct 20, 2008 06:54 AM

Where to buy a cast iron pan?

Where can I buy a decent cast iron pan in Toronto? Preferably in the downtown area.


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  1. What kind are you looking for? Plain cast iron or enameled cast iron? For plain, you can buy Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron at Canadian Tire and some kitchen stores. For enameled, there are several brands such as Le Creuset and Staub that can be purchased at any high-end kitchen store. Ikea has a line of enameled cast iron as well.

    Honestly, though, for plain old cast iron, your best bet is to buy a used/antique one on eBay or at a garage sale. The old ones (e.g., Griswold or Wagoner) are great quality and are often already seasoned from years of use.

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      Good reco's Jo.

      The other thing, while not downtown, is Bass Pro Shops. They have a decent selection of them.
      I've seen CI at Home Hardware too.


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        Loblaws, Zellers, Home Outfitters in my area. Usually Lodge and Asian imports. True cast iron is thicker than enameled, more non stick after seasoning, and will take more abuse. That's why the old ones, with smooth surfaces, are worth looking for.

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        Yup! I bought mine at Canadian Tire and seasoned it by first 'baking' it in the oven and then dressing it with cooking oil. Works like magic especially grilling steaks!

      3. Perhaps you might try Lee Valley Hardware, on King St., which is a hardware store with a surprising selection of very good quality kitchen tools-like rasps/cheese graters, stainless spice jars, kitchen scales, etc.. and they have an online catalogue.
        Like your username-that was my first hotmail acct. 14 years ago!

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          Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

          unturtlesoup, it was my favourite book as a kid. I even made it into a halloween costume one year, I made a dress out of paper grocery bags, didn't work out so well when I had to use the washroom.

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            The Bay (downtown) has quite a few of them, and at cheap prices. I own 3 from the bay, and another from lee valley

        2. Kensington Market. I seem to recall Sasmart having some, north side of Bellvue Square park, 6 Denison Square
          416-596-6415. Tap Phong on Spadina is always a good bet too.

          1. Honest Eds carried Lodge pans for a few months ago when I purchased mine.

            1. The Benix stores all over the GTA have a line of Chinese-made cast iron cookware at lower prices than Walmart or Cdn Tire. $25 for a 5 or 6 qt. Dutch oven that comes with it's own iron trivet is as good a price as I have seen in years.