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Oct 20, 2008 06:51 AM

New Year's Miami

Husband and I and another couple, late 20s, going to Miami for New Years. I'd like to have dinner around 9 somewhere fun, music, where we can eat, drink, pop a bottle at midnight, and then head to other places for the rest of the night. Only thing I recognize that's coming up on Opentable is Tantra.....suggestions, please!

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  1. Miami New Times newspaper (and presumably online as well) usually has an extensive listing of New Years' dinners being offered by area restaurants, but it's probably a little too early. OpenTable currently shows nearly 50 restaurants w/ bookings available 12/31, and another 60+ that are outside their advance reservation limit. If Tantra is the only one you recognize, perhaps read up on this board on some of the others listed.

    I would be reluctant, though, to rely on OpenTable to book for a special event night like NYE. Most restaurants offer fixed price packages with set seating times, I think they just haven't properly been set up on OpenTable to do so.

    And of course as always, I would note that there is pretty much no restaurant where you'll find the food to be at the top of their game on a "special event" night like NYE.

    1. Almost all of the good restaurants offer fixed menus and fixed times -- if you eat early it will be cheaper - then you can go somewhere else after. Like Frod said its too early right now to get anything setup and its probably best to call the actual place instead of relying on Opentable for NYE -- even if you reserve now they will likely cancel it once they setup their NYE menu.

      Aside from restaurants pretty much every decent bar / club / lounge, etc in South Beach on NYE you have to buy tickets to get in to (expensive tickets) -- a good place to see events and get tickets is -- however there aren't many events posted yet, in about a month or so there should be a lot more.

      Last year I went to Prime 112 on NYE and they had an awesome menu which included champagne and everything -- then you can easily walk over to Nikki Beach afterwards which is right across the street.