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Oct 20, 2008 06:37 AM

New York on weekday evening

HI, out-of-towners (SF) again, this time asking:
dinner recommendations near Village Vanguard tonight (last posts I saw, 1+ year old, were from a Hound who wanted stand-up or take-out food; we like to be waited on). Not for a major meal, but something to have before an evening of big-band jazz.
dinner recommendations near Lincoln Center for Tuesday. again, before a NY Phil performance (down-beat, 7:30). a few years ago there was an Italian restaurant across the street that had a great antipasto spread--related to Trattoria des Artes? what's a reasonable time to get reservations, so we can make the 7:30 start time comfortably, but not get to the restaurant hickishly early? (had a mortifying experience in Spain years ago when an ex-pat friend insisted to we could go to a local fish place at 8 PM and they hadn't even turned the lights on!)
(last posts re: Lincoln Center seemed to be ~ 4 yr old)

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  1. Here are a bunch of recent Lincoln Center recs:

    I think the Italian place may be called Fiorella? I've not been. Bar Boulud is relatively new, on the same block, and worth looking into as an option. You could try Lupa for dinner in the Village.

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    1. For something to have before an evening of jazz at the Village Vanguard -

      Try Ostia, Seventh Ave at Christopher St (diagonally down the block from the Vanguard.)

      Small tapas place with a small menu; everything I've tried has been good, but the standouts are the simple dishes like dates wrapped in Serrano ham. (The menu is online at


      Friendly staff.

      We live in the neighborhood, and rely on it for light meals and drinks with friends, some of whom now come from outside the neighborhood to eat and drink there.

      113 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014