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Oct 26, 2003 09:24 PM

good first date restaurant in manhattan beach, torrance, redondo beach?

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Suggestions for good first date restaurant in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach?

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  1. From a purely food-centric perspective, I'd recommend Gina Lee's Bistro (a Asian-Fusion restaurant in Redondo Beach) and Aimee's (French in Redondo). Both have good atmosphere that would work well for first-dates, and enough background noise and such that it won't make an awkward first date even more so.

    Enjoy, give us a report!

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      Aimee's, IIRC, is located in a strip mall. After being seated, all you can see is the strip mall's parking lot. Not very romantic at all and the decor leaves a lot to be desired.

    2. Besides Hammy's rec for Aimees (which is nice and slightly intimate), for show-stopping impressive consider Kinkaids on the pier on Redondo. Yeah, you'll spend more, but you'll coming off looking realy good at that date.

      1. My preferences for best food & decor are Mangiamo in MB, Zazou in RB, Cafe Pierre in MB and Michi in MB. I thought Michi had gone kinda downhill in food but was there recently and had an excellent dinner. Also, I agree with another poster about Aimee's. Food is decent, decor is strip mallish. I've never been to Gina Lee's but have heard good things about the food.