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Oct 20, 2008 06:06 AM

Dim sum & bbq buffet @ Dick Lee Pastry, Chinatown SF - all u can eat $5.99

Found an ad in the Bay City Guide for Dim Sum & BBQ Buffet Dick Lee Pastry said Grand Opening All You Can Eat $5.99. Any reports?

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  1. I saw the place when in Chinatown about a month ago. We didn't stay, but it's true there's lots of food served cafeteria style – you point, they serve. Not just dim sum, though at least 10 steam pans and more options behind the first counter (dim sum). The food in the steam tables looked good enough to eat. We didn't stay because the dining room was smallish and we needed to relax, not listen to our neighbors.

    It's in the heart of Chinatown, about 3 store fronts west of Grant...I think on Jackson. Worth trying if conditions are right.

    1. It's not your sit down type of place that is full service, it's more a casual pick what you want from a counter type place with old timers sitting around sipping tea. It's more about volume than service or quality, it is obviously a buffet. I personally have never eaten there, preferring You's dim sum on Stockton, (depending on the item) for casual to go, but for sit down I usually go to Gold Mountain.

      Moonstar buffet offers all you can eat dim sum for a heftier price, quality is kinda meh, but I'm a dim sum snob.

      1. I've been there. It's pretty gross, both food-wise and atmosphere-wise. If you want a cheap dim sum dive, go to Dol Ho or something. It'll probably be a few more bucks but trust me, you won't regret it.

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          We also ate there and it wasn't that great...pretty bad, in fact.