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Oct 20, 2008 04:58 AM

Coppolas NYC, Sparkill NY

There's a building that has taken about 4 years to go up near the intersection of Rt 9W, and 340. They put a sign up last week, along with this website. We could use a great Itailian restaurant. Hope it's good...

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  1. Michele, I've actually had food from Coppola's East Side location and wasn't very impressed. I got carbonara and found it to be underseasoned and the sauce watery. My coworkers raved about their meals but they also think Olive Garden is an acceptable place to go for good Italian food so draw your own conclusions.
    I heard someone say that it will be more a catering certainly is big enough. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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      I used to live on UWS next door to Coppolas & loved it - I now live in Northern NJ & look forward to having it near me

      1. re: HungryRubia

        HR - Yes - it has to have catering for sure, it just looks like that type of place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping you had a one off bad meal. I looked at the pricing on line. I'm wondering, hoping that it is more like a Carmine's, family style place. I would love that. The menu said they had brickoven pizza too.

          1. re: dknyc1

            From the looks of it the place will never open. It looks like the project has been abandoned. Just passed by this morning, weeds are overgrown, plants and trees are dying. However they do still have the sign up - so you never know...

      2. I think they just opened... what took so long!? I'm going to check out the menu, and hopefully check out the place. One comment, really small parking lot for a building that size.