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Oct 20, 2008 02:13 AM

Looking for great pecans

I'd like to take a few pounds of those really good little round pecans home with me from Alabama, Georgia or NC. Any favorite suppliers y'all would recommend? Have they been any good this year?

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  1. Underwood Pecan Nursery in Foley, AL always has excellent nuts. You can probably google them for address and phone number. Not sure about this year's crop.

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    1. re: dd992emo

      Plantation Pecans, Waterproof, LA. He ships all over the world. You really should get one of his pies too. He has a website. His pecans are premium. You are thinking small stuart pecans. His are the larger pecans and are absolutely delicious. You must get a pie

      1. re: carol land

        dd992emo, agree with you about Underwood Pecans at Foley. Also Tanner's Pecans in Mobile and Dees' Pecans just west of Mobile are usually good pecan sources. Both can be found with google search. Over the years when living in the area it was my experience that most any Baldwin or Mobile Co., Alabama pecans - from companies, stands, individuals - were good. But I also don't know how their crops are this year.

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