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Oct 19, 2008 10:31 PM

The Waffle: A Delighted Update

I have often relied on Chowhound to guide me to, or away from restuarants. All I can say today I am glad I did not check here before going to The Waffle on Sunset or I would have missed a great brunch.

My husband and I were heading south to Dupar's on Sunday around noon and there was some hideous traffic snarl involving the closure of streets and roadblacks at Melrose. I flashed on The Waffle and we headed up there.

My initial impression generated some nervousness: uber cool decor and a younger hipster crowd (including Mad TV cast member sighting). No need for worry as the entire staff was delightfully welcoming and friendly. The estminated 15 minute wait for a table was only about 5 and they accomodated my husband's request for a roomy booth.

An adorable waitress filled our coffee mugs and patiently, enthusistically and knowledgably descibed both breakfast and lunch favorites to us. She returned with our own private thermos pitcher of hot cofffee let us have a few extra minutes to decide.

I got the Jalapeno corn meal waffle with fried chicken and collards. Everey element of this was just exemplary - juicy chicken with a perfectly spiced, crisp greaseless mahagony crust, a light and crunchy and flavorful waffle and greens so delectable I want to ferret out their recipe - some smoke from bacon, a slight vinegar tang and nice chile heat to boot.. At the waitress's suggesiton, I mixed sryup and Tapaqtio hot sauce for some extra kick. - fabu!

I really regretted giving my husband half up front. Their is no way I would have shared this if I had tasted it first! It beat the bejeezus out of the Hash House-a-Go-Go version of the same dish.

Hubby had a Denver omellette which switched out the ham for bacon as he requested. Perfectly cooked with a side of shredded style hash browns. He asked for an order of biscuits and gravy (my boy was HUNGRY) and the waitress graciously steered him to ordering the biscuit in lieu of toast and brought him a small side of great sausage gravy gratis.

The sun shone in, the music was nice, we read our paper and no one rushed us in any way as we lingered.

We can't wait to go back.

Just a great time.

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  1. Agreed! I was leery of this place because of reviews, but went at the request of a friend. Had an AMAZING buffalo chicken sammich. I also discovered that waffle fries + sausage gravy = Awesome. it's on my list of good stuffs!

    1. The AIDS walk was on Sunday, helluva time trying to get anywhere around West Hollywood...The Waffle is right by my house, but I've yet to try it. Carly, will you please elaborate on the Buffalo Samdwich? I'm a bit obsessed with Buffalo Sauce right now.

      1. Hi Junoesq,

        Great review! :) Just one more reason and nice prodding to make me wake up early enough to try this place finally. (^_~) (Although you said you got there around 12 Noon and it was only a 5 minute wait? I remember there being huge crowds...)

        1. You lucked out - this place is so inconsistent that I guarantee if you went more than once, you'd have at least one awful experience. I live right down the street and so I wanted to keep giving the Waffle second chances but the past 3 times I've been we've either had bad service or bad food or both. I'm done with it. Kitchen 24, the Alcove, or Home will get all of my late night/brunch business from now on.

          1. Enjoyed reading your post! The fried chicken and jalapeno waffles sound great and I thought I'd give The Waffle a try, but I checked their website and it stated that the fried chicken is a boneless breast. Is this correct?

            When I hear fried chicken I think it has to be on the bone. If it's a boneless breast I think of it as a cutlet.

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            1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

              I totally agree and was pretty nervous about ordering it, but my fried chicken jones prevailed. Fortunately, the batter, seasoning and juciness combined to make this pass muster. It is quite thick too- not pounded out or butterflied like a cutlet. I bet the same cook, using chicken on the bone would really knock my socks off . . .