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Oct 19, 2008 09:38 PM

Good Lebanese food in Edmonton?

I'm new to the area and was wondering if anybody has any hidden Lebanese restaurant gems (or even grocers) that they could share with me. I have yet to try the Parkallen (seems pretty pricey, but maybe it's worth it?) but have tried La Shish. It was good, but it didn't really wow me. Maybe I'm just spoiled from eating some excellent Lebanese food in Paris and Montréal. Any suggestions? Merci!

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  1. Elsafadi Bros grocery at 11316 134 Ave has what you want to make Leb food. There is some ok pre-prepped food and a decent deli.
    If you have lived in those places, Parkallen is not likely to wow you, either. The only Leb restaurant that has ever wowed me in Western Canada is Aida's in Calgary.

    1. Paradiso Bakery makes delicious baklava, and Sunbake Pita has great meat and spinach pies. Can't remember exact addresses, but both are up in the 134 ave area.

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        Paradiso is right next to Elsafadi, Sunbake is down the street in a residential strip mall.

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          OK.I couldn't remember the name of the grocery store. Has anyone tried the butcher in the same plaza as Paradiso and Elsafadi, which I think is just called Halal Meats?

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            I haven't tried the butcher personally, but someone I know did a while back and said there was decent selection but was a bit pricier than what she was used too (I'm guessing because of the halal designation).

      2. the reason Parkallen is so pricey is because they use organic ingredients.

        1. Hi guys, if you're looking for so GREAT Mediterranian selscions, look no further. A good friend of mine who is Arabic introduced me to these North side gems (who knew!). Visit the Sunbake Pita Bakery at 10728 134 Avenue, Edmonton, AB (780) 472-8405, (who supplies most of the local grocery stores in Edmonton) for amazing fresh baked "Lebanese Pizza" at 1.50 a pop, made while you wait. Around the corner a few blocks away, you'll find Elsafadi Supermarket, 11316-134 Avenue, Edmonton, AB (780) 475-4909, which carries a wide variety of imported Mediterranean foods Lebanese, Moroccan, Algerian, etc. A good cheese counter, meats and fresh produce. Also stocks some interesting ethnic items such as good quality Mexican enchilada sauce. Right next door you'll find *Paradiso Bakery, 11318-134 Avenue, Edmonton, AB (780) 448-7292, with some of the freshest most delicious Lebanese baklava made with cashews and pistachios, honey balls, and a wide range of tempting Middle Eastern pastries.

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            All mentioned above...

            Re Paradiso, I don't thnk anything other than the baklava is really that good. But the baklava is worth the drive.

          2. Thanks so much for all of your input. I'm looking forward to checking these places out.

            I came across the Blue Plate Diner website and saw that they have Lebanese apps. Has anybody tried their Leb fare? Thanks again!

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              I have not tried the Lebanese appetizers at the Blue Plate Diner but a little further west on Jasper Avenue at approximately 114th Street there is another option at CoCoDi [] which used to be on Rice Howard Way before a fire closed it as well as Nikita's and the Bistro Praha.

              My assistant who is of Lebanese background says it serves decent, albeit "rustic", fare.