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Oct 19, 2008 09:29 PM

Nick-San Cabo San Lucas

Any comments? Is this restaurant close to the marina?

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  1. Me again - yes, it is exceptional but VERY expensive. Many people report that it is the best sushi they have had anywhere. And yes, it is close to the Marina. Are you coming to Todos Santos? If so, let me know and I will give you some recommendations and some "to be avoided at all costs."

    1. Not only exceptional Sushi... but arguably the best, pricey dining in Cabo SL. Is it VERY expensive.. not really, not compared to other "Fine Dining" places in Cabo... spending $100pp on food is kind of the norm for the upscale, resorty place and you can have a VERY satisfying meal for $50 to $100pp at Nick San... which is a bargain compared to places like Urusawa or Mori in L.A. Nick San asks nothing of those places.

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        I'm hearing it's much less expensive than the very mediocre food at Esperanza where we always stay. I've decided to go ahead and book it just for a change ... there are just too many great reviews for this place to not go! thanks for the info.

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          If they have the nigiri of Cabrilla... make sure to have it.