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Oct 19, 2008 06:48 PM

Guadalajara Taco Truck in Vallejo

stopped in at the Guadalajara Taco Truck ( Vallejo ) today - and enjoyed my two tacos. ($1.25 each ) I got one al pastor and one carnitas. The Al Pastor was spicy with a nice tingle. The radish garnish was a nice cooler. The carnitas had nice crunchy bits along with a good porky flavor. The tacos come on two tortillas along with some lime, cilantro, and some hot sauce.
Picnic tables are under a large tree that provides shade ....... worth a stop if you're in Vallejo.
The Guadalajara Taco Truck is on the SW corner of Ohio & Sonoma Blvd. in Vallejo. Sonoma Blvd is also highway 29. Ohio is 3 blocks South of Tennessee St. There is a Tennessee exit off of hwy. 80.

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  1. Glad to know they're still plying their trade well...thanks for reporting in

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    1. re: josquared

      hi josquared,
      what do you think about their other offerings? tortas, burritos, quesadillas ......
      are you related to jo the plumber? :~ )

      1. re: gordon wing

        Unfortunately, it's been awhile (6 months ago or so) since I have been there - I admit I haven't been as chowy as I would like of late due to a variety of reasons. I've always stuck with the tacos ever since I did a taco crawl of Vallejo a couple years back and thought they were the best of the bunch back then.

        I did drop by the rebuilt location of the Original Red Onion on Springs Rd. the other day - big menu, if nothing else. Original burger ($3.99) was merely okay (meat was overcooked; Bud's is the better bet) but I kinda' liked the fried zucchini ($2.99 for a half serving, but you get a lot of zucchini. Also, they were shaped something like mozzarrella sticks, as opposed to the round discs I've seen elsewhere.)