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Oct 19, 2008 06:39 PM

Sunday Brunch for 20 - 30...something French

Throwing an engagement brunch in December. Would love a private room and something French is preferred- they got engaged in Paris!

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    1. Thanks for these...I'm actually coming in from Denver and checking out a few places on Wedsnesday. I will look into these. bistro atmosphere is what I think she'd like best. thanks!

      1. Bistro 61 is an option as well.
        61st and 1st. Stay away from L'ybane across the street. Although nice to look at, the food is god awful.

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          Thank you for the 'heads up' on L'ybane. I passed by the other day and picked up a menu. Just tossed it! Haven't been to Bistro 61 in a while - will try it again.

          A group that size could just about take over La Mangeoire on 2nd Ave @ 53rd St. They have a very reasonable and neighborhood popular prix fixe on Sundays.

        2. Le Refuge on the Upper East Side has private rooms, the food is good, although not creative, I have been there for dinner many times, but never for brunch.

          1. A.O.C. (L'aile ou la Cuisse) on Bleecker & Grove did an amazing brunch a couple of years ago for us in their back garden for about 40 people. I was actually a bit concerned since their staff can be a bit air-headed and kitchen inconsistent but they did a truly wonderful job. They did a buffet of pain perdu, feuille de brique, granola & fruit, coffee, juice, and champagne. Those particular brunch foods there are excellent. People raved.

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              Thanks to everyone...I am assembling my list tonight and checking out 3 -4 tomorrow! Appreciate all of your help and will let you know how it turns out