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Oct 19, 2008 06:38 PM

Tucson Breakfasts?

MIssouri CH visiting Tucson over Halloween weekend - Thurs through Sun and brunch is already scheduled by our hosts - seeks interesting breakfast spots. We're really not up for just coffee and pastry, but are thinking diner-type spots or Mexican breakfasts. We've been to Ghini's (any place that has an anchovy omelet is fine by us) on our last visit. Gus Balon? Good Egg? (I know it's a chain, but that's an interesting menu.) Bobo's? Other ideas? Our hosts live on the east side, if that's relevant, but we'll have a car.

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  1. Cafe Jasper at Campbell and Skyline is very popular. It's a bit high end, not inexpensive and I don't think it's open until 8. I'm not a breakfast eater, but whenever I go there everything looks very good and everyone else is very happy. (My dry toast is OK, too!)

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      The Good Egg is actually pretty good. I often get an omelet that includes avocado and my wife enjoys their scrambles. As you said, they have a few different menu items that aren't typically available.

    2. My favorite breakfast in Tucson is Frank's on Alvernon and Pima. Great diner style food and great atmosphere. At night it turns into Francisco's Mexican Restaurant.

      1. I like both Cafe Jasper (southwestern) and Frank's (greasy spoon), but they're totally different in terms of decor and selection. I also like Blue Willow (hippy - great gift shop) and B Line (diner - great pies).

        I haven't tried Little Poca Cosa, but if it's as good as its big sister, it's worth a trip.

        The linkage doesn't seem to be working, so try these:

        1. My favorite breakfast in town is Laverna's. They're a pretty classic breakfast cafe, with terrific pancakes, eggs, coffee, and a variety of other traditional and Mexican breakfast options. This is the kind of place that is frequently full of cops and firemen, and local workers, and is something of a hidden neighborhood gem,

          Laverna's Coffee Shop
          220 S Plumer Ave, Tucson, AZ
          (520) 623-1389
          Link: <;h...>