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Oct 19, 2008 05:22 PM

Waffle Iron Question

I recently inherited a well used Toastmaster waffle iron. It works OK, but the reddish-brown ceramic plates (that are removable/reversible and have a waffle iron on one side and a flat grilling surface on the other) have a blue-ish white discoloration over them.

At first I thought this was some type of mold. After running the plates thru the dishwasher and then scrubbing them with a brush, the areas of discoloration remained.

Does anyone know what might have caused this? Is it safe to use the waffle iron in this condition?

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  1. A little curious -- wonder what the "plates" are made of. I doubt they are ceramic. Most likely steel, aluminum or cast iron with a high-temp enamel coating. Based on how they responded to the dishwasher, my guess is they are aluminum, which doesn't like the heavily alkaline environment in the dishwasher.

    Some of the enamel might be a bit thin, especially on the edges where the thickness of the paint film is thinnest. Try washing with a little white vinegar to remove the stain.

    Unless paint is flaking off or you are getting a reaction between the batter and the plate (batter turns gray or tastes metallic) the waffle iron is probably just fine.

    Waffles are awesome, so enjoy. I have a couple of Rome cast iron waffle irons that I use on the stovetop and an electric model by Salton that get regular use.

    1. We have a toastmaster waffle iron just like you've described, right down to the discoloration. I think the blue-ish white discoloration is from being washed in the dishwasher - my bad, I know - and it doesn't come off but it doesn't seem to affect the functionality or utility of the appliance.

      1. I have the same iron ( I think) with the same discolouration from years of use and abuse... Recently retired it when the legs broke; still cooked like a charm just wouldn't sit up straight.


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          My Toastmaster was inherited with a broken leg and an ugly repair. (My Father glued a b--t-ugly piece of aluminum to it. That repair has worked for decades. I've gotten used to it, and it cooks better than my Grandmothers which needs an element replaced.

          1. re: shallots

            Unfortunately I needed a 'camera friendly' model, so I had to replace it. However now my brother cooks up a storm with it.