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Oct 19, 2008 05:04 PM

Great food in Reston, VA?

Visiting Reston, VA, for the first time ever and not sure what to expect. I'd really appreciate recommendations!
I'm coming from a very small town with really mediocre food choices and I would like to cram as many great eating experiences as possible into the few days I am here. I'm at the Hyatt at Presidents Street.
I'm not looking for fancy food, just really good food and wine/beer bar recommendations with low noise levels and no smoke, within easy distance.
I'm also looking for a really good crab-shack type place as I haven't had fresh seafood for months!
Finally, something genuinely european/french, if possible (not middle european)- I'm thinking of something like Le Select in Toronto, Canada, in terms of ambience, quality and price.
Are there any farmers markets nearby?
Thanks very much for your help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm looking forward to Passion Fish myself. But if that won't work, not too far away in Sterling is Hooked. Very good seafood. Tiny place, so I'd make reservations. It's about a 10 minute drive.

      In the Town Center, I also like Il Fornaio. It's a chain, but I think a very good one. I'd stay away from almost everything else in the Town Center. I tried Mon Ami Gabi and didn't like it at all. Jackson's Mighy Fine Food might be good, but I hear it's VERY loud. Paolo's is yuck. Clyde's is decent. In Herndon (about a 5 minute drive) is Thai Luang. Le Mediterrannee is a quaint little French bistro. And of course, Auberge Chez Francois also in Great Falls.

      There's a farmer's market on Saturday at Lake Anne Plaza. Can't think of any crab shack type place.

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        Thai Luang has an excellent entree called "Wild Shrimp." Jackson's has one of the best dinner salads anywhere in the D. C. area with Ahi Tuna and goat cheese. I've been four times since an incredibly loud opening night and it is better-yet still noisy. If you sit in the inside bar and are there before 7 it's OK. Lunch is fine inside as is the "Lucky Bar" "outside."

      2. The closest crab shack place is Captain Pell's in Fairfax. It's a bit of a drive.

        I'm excited for Passion Fish but was let down by Jackson's (other GAR restaurants are very good, imo).

        For European, try Euro Bistro - they really center on their German dishes. Also try El Manantial for more coastal Med type fare. Both are unfortunately in strip malls but what isn't anymore?

        French/vietnamese inspired can be found at Cafe Montmartre, also at Lake Anne. If the weather is nice you can dine al fresco and marvel at the whacky architecture.

        Russia House in Herndon is good, though I haven't been in a while.

        Most all of these are a small drive, but nothing too bad (except Capt. Pells).

        1. The most steady quality is probably either Clyde's or McCormick's... or... two good Asian places in the Tall Oaks center for Pho and Thai. For pizza and Italian Lucia's in the Fox Mill strip is good, not great but good. For really good S. Am food go to Pollo Inka in Herndon, or Cantina D'Italia, or the Euro Cafe. You can find them on google.. .just a few minutes west of Rston on Baron Cameron dr. Avoid Champps & Chillis

          1. not french or seafood, but the indian resto "mayuri" offers a superb quality buffet lunch. i'll bet dinner is great, too.

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              Passion Fish is actually open now-as I type this. Last night was a "soft" opening.

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                Did you go? And if so, how was it?