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Oct 19, 2008 04:52 PM

San Diego's Primiere Pozole: Cenaduria.

I did make it down to San Diego's Pozoleria outpost in Chula Vista a few months back .

Dona Maria is definitely on their game but they offer only the white Guerrean version. For those of us accustomed to red pozole, there is rich hope beyond the doors of Super Cocina. That hope comes in the form of Cenaduria only two nights a week at the aforementioned La Barbacoa [ ].

Friday and Saturday evenings from 5-9pm - you can experience a traditional Mexican "supper restaurant" aka Cenaduria here.

Headlining the straightforward antojito menu is Pozole in either a large or small bowl. Beyond the soup - there are sopes, tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas sencillas, and flautas. The special thing "off-menu" that they offer is tlacoyos - a variation on mexico's masa kitchen that is regional to the bajio or south central Mexico.

Tlacoyos are essential oval, torpedo shaped masa doughs filled with a savory stew, starch, veg or legume. [


Choices here are huitlacoche, papas, frijoles, habas, or chicharron en salsa roja.

I started off with a Sangria senorial which you should try if you havent already.

I also ordered a tlacoyo of chicharron and a small bowl of Pozole.

The pozole here is simply magnificent. It arrives with the heady aroma of pork cooked down for hours - till the marrow is soft as butter. The bowl included a meltingly tender pigs foot with the rich skin still attached on top of the shredded meat. The color of the broth is such a brilliant attractive red. Alongside is a clay accoutrement of cabbage, onion, radish, tostadas and limes and a sabroso arbol-tomatillo sauce.

The tlacoyo was supremely comforting - a greaseless masa pillow topped with lettuce, crema and salty cheese and encasing a homey chicharron stew.

Cenaduria is fantastic.

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  1. Ate at Dona Maria a couple of weeks ago on your recommendation and the Posole was lovely. I was just sad that I couldn't fit the pig's feet tostadas into a post-Posole torpor.

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      Nice! Did you order surtido or straight? There were tostadas de pata at the Tequila expo this weekend too.

      If you ever get down to Ensenada - I reccomend La Comadre just down street from Hussongs for Pigs feet tostadas. One of the greatest mexican meals I had was that tostada chased with a cucumber agua fresca and in company of Benito Molina and close friend streetgourmetla.

      1. re: kare_raisu


        I'll keep La Comadre in mind although trips across la frontera have become rare recently. I have two favorites in Ensenada; one being Birrieria Guadalajara which is a Birria fix for my mornings when I'm there and the other being El Trailero, a huarache stand on the way out of town to the north.

        Both places have much to admire.

        1. re: deckape

          Yeah, Benito recommended Gdl to us as well for their "paleta" which is the bone in shank that has been stewed tender and then pan fried crisp in a skillet.

          What Huaraches do you recommend from El Trailero?

          I hope these narco cartels one-upmanship is not preventing you from going down.

          1. re: kare_raisu

            Here's an interesting article from today's U/T on the effects the narcotrafficantes are having on Tijuana and Rosarito.

            1. re: kare_raisu

              I've always been happy with a simple Carne Asada. Also, a small case of senioritis may have me misremembering the name of the stand. It may well be Los Traileros.

              No, the narco bloodshed doesn't worry me, the border lines do however. Although that has likely gotten better recently, the combined effects of the market crash and less time for weekday travel have done me in for a bit.

              Happily, my last trip to Hidalgo will keep me in dried chiles for quite a while and the only thing I really miss about Mexico is............everything...sigh.

              1. re: deckape

                "..and the only thing I really miss about Mexico is............everything...sigh."

                what perfectly beautiful yet somber words.

                I always have been crossing by foot unless street wants to go down to the Valle and Ensenada. Wait last weekend coming back was a mere 15min. - if you dont mind crossing and using taxi libres and taxis de ruta.

      2. This sounds to good to be true! Another great find by the pioneer KR. Im still Intrigued by the The tlacoyo de chicharron. I hope to get here this weekend!

        1. Great. Reminds me of the many restaurants in Mexico that have there cousin, or another family member come in on the weekends and cook special dishes like pozole and menudo.Did you slurp the marrow wildly, to the point of discomfort of nearby diners?

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