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Oct 19, 2008 04:51 PM

Sedona upscale lunch Monday with red rocks view

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in Phoenix and spending the day in Sonoma. Looking for a nice upscale (not crazy priced) lunch with view of redrocks or outdoor view/dining.



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  1. I had a great lunch at the Enchantment Resort. The view was amazing and the food was pretty darn good. Other than serving Pinot Noir in a Bordeaux glass (which is a pet-peeve of mine), I can't think of any other negatives about it.

    L'Auberge also serves a very nice lunch right on Oak Creek. It's not the vast red rock scenery that Sedona is known for but is quaint and romantic. The deck is literally right on the creek.

    Happy anniversary!

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      I read a few tough reviews on L'Auberge as far as service and price, although it definitely has the views.

      1. re: richczarnecki

        I think those reviews are for the dinner which is arguably overpriced. I've had good experiences with dinner myself. Lunch is a whole different scene. Prices are much lower. Service is not 5-star, but no place in Sedona is. Probably the greatest accolade for L'Auberge is that one of the most revered Chowhounds, Bill Hunt is a proponet. Hopefully he'll chime in here.

    2. If you stay for dinner, try Cafe Elote. Amazing, upscale Mexican with one of the best views in town. Get there early since there can be a long wait even on a Monday.

      1. So we ended up at Enchantment Resort at Ti Gavo (the less expensive restaurant) for lunch - sitting outside on the terrace SURROUNDED by magnificent red rock formations. Awesome! And the food was great and not crazy priced. Tasty gazpacho, signature prickly pear margarita (of course). Highly recommended.

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          I have only ate at Renee's years ago a french dining establishment but I know since then great places have arised try the mexican rest elote at kings ransom hotel heard great things and he was a prior chef in Phx.