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Oct 19, 2008 04:43 PM

Best Veggie Burger in Calgary

I see that there are a few new threads in this line, ie, burgers, pizza, etc. My wife and I really enjoy a good veggie burger, but its not really something that you can count on in terms of consistency. I would throw out Melrose which is surprisingly good. Also, if there is a frozen variety that you could buy retail I would be interested in that. I haven't found anything edible retail.

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  1. I'm just new to Alberta, but in terms of chain restaurant veggie burgers available in Calgary, I would recommend Milestones, Kelsey's and Swiss Chalet. Now, if you end up in Toronto, I could really give you some awesome veggie burger advice! :)

    As far as retail goes, the best by far is the Lick's Nature Burger. So far they are only available in select grocery stores in Ontario and B.C., but hopefully they will end up in Alberta sometime in the near future.

    1. If you're ever down in Waterton, the veggie burger at Vimy's (it's in the lodges of waterton) is probably the best veggie burger I've ever had.

      In the city- have you tried Burger Inn?

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Seconding the "harvest gold" burger at Burger Inn.

        Also, and I feel ashamed mentioning this, I think the veggie burger at Harvey's is great.

        Avoid the veggie burger at Sunfood Cafe in Banff/Canmore. It's like curry scented paste.

        1. re: 23skidoo

          I'd third Harvey's and say that, aside from their fries, their veggie burger is the single best thing on their menu. Why is that their veggie burger tastes so meaty when their "beef" burgers taste like TVP and carageenan?

      2. I second the suggestion about Lick's - I'd love to see one of their franchises here in Calgary. Otherwise imho Harvey's actually does a good veggie burger - substantial soy patty (looks the same size as the hamburgers) and I've never had one burnt to resemble a hockey puck and it's topped however you like it.

        BC (before children) we used to go to the Elephant and Castle for wing night - not being a wing eater myself I'd order a veggie burger... so many times they cooked it til it was rock hard that I got fed up and finally instead of just sending it back I picked up the patty and whacked it against the table to illustrate to the server just how HARD it was. It sounded like wood *thwack!* and suggeted I'd need dental work if I were to try and gnaw at something this far gone. Alot of places don't seem to understand that the average veggie patty just needs to be warmed through - it's not like it's "pink" at any stage.

        I haven't had their Veggie Burger but I'd suggest checking out The Coup(if you haven't already):

        Let us know if you and your wife finds a fave :)

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        1. re: maplesugar

          I also think for a quick burger out, the Harvey's veggie burger is quite good. My brother turned me on to this a few years back and I haven't found anything as readily available if I'm feeling that vibe.

          1. re: raidar

            As far as fast food veggie burgers go, I prefer the BK Veggie. I don't know what it is, but there is something in the Harvey's veggie burger that doesn't quite agree with my stomach. The last two that I ate, ended with me being sick.

        2. For frozen burgers, I like Dr. Praeger's California-style veggie burgers. Check at Planet Organic or Community Natural Foods. There are four in a box, individually packaged. Dr. Praeger also does a curry one that I've been meaning to try.

          1. For chain restaurants, Milestone's wins hands down.

            Fast food- The Burger Inn. (I keep meaning to buy a bag of those Harvest Gold magical things)

            Indie Restaurant- The Coup. Their Cashew burger is amazing.