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Oct 19, 2008 04:01 PM

Best Burger in Calgary?

Hi there Chowhounds!

I thought this would be a good place to start as I've often been tipped off to many good places based on the opinions and reviews I've read here.

I've decided to go on a quest to find the best burger in Calgary, so I'm here to get your opinions and help starting a list of places to try.

This most likely has been inspired after reading the A Hamburger Today blog ( too much lately.

So, what are some of your favourite places/burgers and why?

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  1. Good thread. I have tried many but they never come close to the ole' homemade hamburger meat mixed with some sort of spices (such as french onion soup mix) . Peters is overrated, too mushy and too much relish in case you orget to tell them to exclude it. Burger Inn is alright, Boogies Burgers are alright.

    Giant Hamburger in 17th Avenue SW was pretty good until the last time the owner berated his daughter extremely inappropriately for messing up an order.

    Buchanans has a pretty good hamburger that you can specify its doneness (i.e. medium rare).

    There's always the classic baconator. hehe

    1. Yeah, it's a chain but Joey Tomato's has a good burger. Their fries are variable so I can't recommend them.

      1. Rocky's burger bus for me in the SE. You have to get there before the lunch rush to get an extra juicy baseball of meat :) But seriously, it's a simple, tasty burger that has just the basics of mustard, relish and onions. Combined with their very tasty homecut fries, it's a great (but slightly unhealthy) lunch.

        Tommy Burger Bar is pretty decent for an upscale burger.

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          Have they started seasoning their beef yet? It's definitely large, and juicy, and the chili is a great option, but the unseasoned meat is just wrong.

          1. re: slingshotz

            I'm with you on the burger bus. I've never actually been there in the winter though. Do they operate out of the bus all year round?

          2. oddly enough Moxie's extreme burger is big and juicy. I do tend to agree with Fotze... nothing like a homemade burger with premium ingredients. I haven't really tasted a really good burger in Calgary. I would like to try Motoraunt in Edm someday. Red Robin's in Edm also have good burgers. They are sizeable and come with unlimited steak fries.

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            1. re: sleepycat

              I have to agree, and while I haven't been in some time, the guacamole burger from Red Robin's was always one of my favorites.

            2. i really like the bison burger at bison mountain bistro in banff - sorry not calgary, but not far away. my other half likes Joey's as well, i haven't tried it myself so i can't comment directly.

              we bbq'd sunterra fresh bison patties all summer and they were delicious!

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                Boogies Burger's was always on the top of my list and a big reason for my love of Boogies was the bun they used. Boogies is now under new ownership and I was told they were forced to use a different suppIier because the bakery that produced the buns had a special deal with the original owners. Once they sold the business so did the contract to produce buns for Boogies. I never thought a bun would make that big of a difference but their new bun is more "doughy" and it takes away from the thin patties that Boogies produces.

                I am a big fan of Tommy Burger Bar. Their fries with the salt and vinegar dip is amazing.

                Buchanans' burger... medium rare... fantastic.

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                  Booges hasn't had its original owner for at least six years now.

                  1. re: DeeDub

                    My vote is for Boogies Burgers too. Oddly enough I tend to lean towards their salmon burger. I know it's not true burger but it's delicious.

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                    Seconding Bison Mountain Bistro--the patty is practically a sphere it's so thick! Juicy and tender and FLAVOURFUL with fresh toppings. The burger is not oversized, making it seem more homemade (compared to the patties we make at home).

                    Can anyone report on the grilled-to-order burgers from the West Market Square Sunterra? I think I'll try a cheeseburger there this weekend to test it out.

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                      I don't know what the prices are like at Sunterra but we just ordered the family pack through Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch - and since there was no charge we're having them deliver to Cilantro. (We're in the far north but DH works downtown so he'll pick it up on the way home). Our package is said to be 75lbs minimum (thankfully we have a deep freeze!) and worked out to $6.67/lb. They have other smaller packages too that run about $7/lb.