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Oct 19, 2008 03:35 PM

New Tapas Bar Opening in Rosarito Tomorrow

Ruben of Ruben's Baja and Grill on the free road across from the Las Gaviotas community is opening up a tapas bar in central Rosarito, across the street from Bancomer, tomorrow.

99 cent beers during "happy hour" and if you are drinking, free tapas are served. He is planning lots of entertainment and special events. His only warning is that the staff speaks Spanish only, so be prepared!

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  1. Is Ruben's still open? I'm heading down to Las Gaviotas on Saturday only for the night and thought it might be convenient. I was there just before new years and stopped in the store just below Rubens. It was pretty sparse to say the least..

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      Ruben's Palm Grill and Sports Bar in Cantamar is open and doing a thriving business. Terrific Sunday brunch buffet.

      Since I posted that notice about the tapas bar in the old Las Gaviotas location, I haven't noticed any activity, but I do not go by that location very often.

      If you are looking for great places to eat near Las Gaviotas, besides Ruben's Palm Grill, I would recommend Ollie's Pizza and Splash restaurant.