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Oct 19, 2008 03:17 PM

Cabo - Mocambo for seafood?

Any comments? We're just looking for good food and don't care so much about ambiance - is this a good choice? Is it near the marina?

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  1. Mocambo is solid... its an average "Mexican style Weekend Family Restaurant" which means great, fresh ingredients, competent cooking, simple presentations, hearty portions, delicious food in a slightly Themed environment.. Its the type of places that Locals & Tourists alike enjoy... the Mexican equivalent of Cheesecake Factory or Buca Di Beppo etc., BUT with good food.

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      any favorites in Cabo/Pedregal area..walking or short drive for other options?

    2. Mazatlan restaurant delicious! try the Pescado Zarandeado! it is big fish enough for 2 people. And they have this tuna dip yummyy

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        Long term part time resident of Cabo...Mocambo isn't bad and was the best for a long time...good shrimp,grilled sea bass

        Evebella nailed it...Mariscos Mazatlan is better now imo and the Zarandeado is spectacular.

        Butterflied and grilled red snapper..served on the bone..1 kilo is perfect for 2..with an app..Ilike the pulpo/octopus cocktail and the tuna dip..

        We're counting the days and it's our first meal on arrival..:


        both are 2 and 3 blocks from the marina...walk directly away from the marina by the Puerto Paraisa mall.