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Oct 19, 2008 03:07 PM

BOHO/ Liverbird Pub

BOHO & The Liverbird Pub & Patio
392 Roncesvalles Ave , Toronto
(416) 516-7446

They came out with a new menu this week which is amazing.

It is a hidden gem for Roncesvalles and Toronto. A few months ago they opened a pub in the back of BOHO called the Liverbird. Premier league football on weekends too.

Lobster Poutine, daily pot pies, grilled cheese, fish and chips, curry chips. The beers on tap all imported. My personal fav is the Pear Cider.

Last night I had the grilled cheese with aged chedar and bacon with a salad and celery root slaw. AMAZING. It is one of those dishes we all love. My dinner mate had the pot pie of the day which was rabbit ratatouille with home made chips, au jus, and home made mayo dip. They both are about $11 if I remember correctly.

The staff is amazing and always greets you upon entering.

This is Toronto's hidden gem.

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  1. Wow, this sounds great. Has anyone else been? How do the menu items compare to similar items at other restaurants (ie: vs Bymark's lobster poutine)? How's the fish & chips?

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      I've tried them a couple of times around a year ago and thought the food was just good, with better options in the area, so did not return. Can anyone confirm that this new menu is actually improved?

      1. re: DDD

        The ownership has changed. The chef has changed. The menu has changed. It is worth a visit. I was dragged in by a regular one night and am now a regular myself.

    2. The pies are awesome. Homemade from scratch and it shows. None of the typical frozen british pies from some cannery-style plant in Hamilton.

      1. I actually had a terrible experience here about a month ago. I would never go back.

        We were unfortunately seated in the loud pub section instead of the front 'Boho' section, but were promised the menu would be the same as in the front. We were asked what we would like for drinks and my dining partner ordered a beer and the waiter looked at me and asked if I would like some wine, in a condescending tone, like as if a woman couldn't order a beer. I ordered a beer and he asked if I would like a half pint, but did not ask my male dining partner if he wanted a half pint, I took the full pint. I normally am not so sensitive or offended by such things, but his tone was so rude that it made me feel very uncomfortable.

        The menu was not up to date, we ordered the Prix Fixe menu and were told rudely that they didn't have it anymore but hadn't updated the menus. We looked at the rest of the menu and did not see anything we wanted, as the steaks we were ordering were only on the Prix Fixe menu. The appetizers (usually my favourite part of a meal!) were all salads. My partner ordered a duck salad as a main course and the waiter asked (rudely again) if he was going to have an appetizer - my partner didn't want a salad appetizer and a salad main, so he didn't really have a choice but to say no. I ended up having the steak from the fixed price menu after much more uncomftable drama. The steak was good,not great, but the experience was terrible.

        We have been living in the neighbourhood for years and up to this point had really enjoyed Boho, so it is a real shame. They may have changed the menu in the past month though, because I did not see lobster poutine available when I was there.

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        1. re: To Market To Market

          We had a similiar experience tonight with I'm assuming was the owner the guy with the bald head. We were greeted by a very friendly host who sat us down and then we had the owner with no personality come and serve us. My wife advised she would like the fish and chips special that came with 2 pints and the waiter assumed we were both ordering that and was about to walk away. I had to stop him and advise we were going to share the fish and chips and each were going to have a pint. We were also going to share another meal and would have most likely ordered more drinks but didn't get to that point. The owner advised we could share the fish and chips but my wife had to drink 2 pints and I would have to order my own??? How stupid is that..... why we couldn't share the pints is beyond me even though we would have ordered more. So when I questioned him why we couldn't share the pints he told me not to take advantage of a good deal. I wasn't taking advantage at all and my wife is a light weight so there was no way she wouldn't have finished 2 pints but I would have and then some.

          When I told him to hold up he had the nerve to cross his hands and act like I was keeping him from the empty patio. We left and went to our favourite place The Local and won't go back here as long as he is working there.