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Oct 19, 2008 02:53 PM

Muffs and po-boys, take out, HELP!!!

Can anyone help me with a place to get po-boys and/or muffalettas to take out, for about 20 people? We'll be staying in the Quarter, so somewhere not too far. I need them this coming Friday dinner. A place that delivers would be great, but I could also pick up.

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  1. Central Grocery for muffs. You'll have to pick them up before they close, probably around 4:30 to be safe. They keep well and are good the next day. Bring an ice chest. Our best po-boys are served hot, RB, fried shrimp, oysters. They will not keep or reheat.

    1. Agreed -- Central Grocery, but you might want to see if you can order them in advance (something I have never done), as when they sell out, they sell out . . .

      1. You might try the Magazine Street Po-boy Shop on FIrst & Magazine.

        1. Central Grocery is your best choice for muffalettas. A good choice in the FQ for po boys is Johnny's at 511 St. Louis is a good choice. They may not be open at dinner time though, I am not sure.

          Some out of the quarter po boy choices include Parkway Bakery (by the Bayou at Toulouse & Hagan) or Mahoney's on Magazine just below Louisiana. I don't think either delivers but they will take to go orders.

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          1. Verti Mart. They deliver and are open 24 hours.