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Oct 19, 2008 02:38 PM

Quick Review of The Hungry Cat w/pics

The Hungry Cat
1535 N. Vine
Hollywood, CA

Saturday afternoon after a 90 minute tennis session in the heat and smog, we cleaned up and headed toward to Arclight to watch Rocknrolla, and stopped by Hungry Cat to feed our hungry selves. Hungry Cat is located in the Sunset and Vine complex, convenient to doing some shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond, watching films at the Arclight, or a Hollywood bar crawl. And the food is top notch.

The sandwich board on the sidewalk lures customers in with the promise of oysters on the half shell and the much hallowed Santa Barbara sea urchin.

As you turn into the alley that leads to The Hungry Cat, you will be stepping over Angela Lanbury's star. Hiya Angela! Your long running show Murder, She Wrote was part of the inspiration for the title of this blog. Thank you, Angela & your writers!

I love the simple, clean and fresh decor in The Hungry Cat. The citrus fruit is inviting a cold drink, and the bartender uses the industrial juice presses often to make truly fresh juice beverages, one of them being the grapefruit michelada from the blackboard.

The new raw bar. I don't know when the expanded into the next door space, that I think used to be a small sushi bar. But I am very pleased by this addition due to my passion for oysters.

The drinks! To the left is the grapefruit michelada, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (about a minute before it was served) and Tecate with salt on the rim. Slightly bitter and acidic, but lovely. To the right is an extremely generous pour of a Spanish Alvarino.

We also sampled the Australian Bundaberg ginger beer. I haven't has ginger beer since I lived in London, and it is always a treat for the taste buds.

First munchy item out were the oyster crackers. We went through a few bags of these waiting on our food because the raw bar & pantry kitchen were spectacularly slow at 3 pm on a Saturday with a half full restaurant.

Les huitres! Malpeque, Fanny Bar and Sol Azul. I have been pondering recently why people praise a restaurant for its oysters. The restaurant didn't create the oysters. There is no special recipe. Each place does the presentation in terms of accessories slightly differently. So, what up? As long as they are fresh, and eating oysters in a busy restaurant more or less guarantees this, then why are we congratulatory? Does someone have an answer to this?

D ate a this giant Cobb Salad. He said it is the best Cobb Salad he has ever had. Fresh (not canned) tuna, avocado, some kind of ham/bacon (we weren't sure how this was prepared, but it was somehow more special than bacon), eggs, butterflied prawns, pecorino, guava, and crab all very lightly dressed.

My salad was also phenomenal. Market lettuces with pecorino cheese, avocado and hard boiled egg. How do they prep the hard boiled egg so it is fluffy like this? Do they grate it with a cheese grater? I want to know. I devoured this. It was delicious and large enough to be filling.

I enjoyed my brunch so much that I made a reservation for the second week in November when a girls' night out is planned. Some girlfriends are coming from out of town and I know they will love it.

review with pics: http://foodshethought.blogspot.com/20...

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  1. Nice. Love Hungry Cat. Love the oysters. Love their bacon, I believe made in house, and also served on their pug burger, which rules. That cobb looks amazing, and your salad looks maybe even better. Great drinks, great bartenders. And thanks for the lead-in to mention that I totally dig the name of your blog.

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    1. re: la tache burger

      Thanks, tachey! I cannot wait for my November reservations! I am planning on the Pug Burger.

    2. thanks. i really need to get here. this may be the push to do it! looks so good.

      1. Yum I totally have to try the Cobb Salad.

        I went back in May and I must say it was sooo delicious. We had the dungenusss crab salad (although they could have left out the beats) and the scallops. I didn't see the scallops on the dinner menu though when I just looked at it...as a matter of fact I don't think I saw the crab salad either! ha... Unsure it is a seasonal change or it is gone but it was scallops in this squash puree with pine nuts and some other things. I hope they bring it back!

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          Their menu i definitely seasonal, however, squash and pine nuts sounds decidedly autumnal. Hmmm.