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Oct 19, 2008 02:23 PM

Graduation dinner for 20 - private room

A few friends and I are planning to celebrate our graduation together and want to do a private room for about 20. Of course we want the food to be good and also would like to avoid chains. We wanted to do Eastern Standard but the room is a little too small. Also considering Mamma Maria. Any other plances I should look at? We are trying to avoid Harvard Square but pretty much anywhere is Boston would be good.


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  1. check to see if stella in the south end has something....maybe rocco in the south end?

    1. Several Back Bay restaurants have private rooms that would work well. I like the new Sel de la Terre. Abe & Louie's and Atlantic Fish also have suiutable rooms. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel also has rooms like that but I have heard nothing about the food yet. On the other side of the Pru, Bresserie JO also coud handle the group.

      1. I did a farewell dinner for 18 at Fugakyu in Brookline that went very well. You can order a sushi boat for each end of the table and pass stuff back and forth. I think sushi is well-suited to that sort of occasion because it's already bite size for the most part and sharing is fun. They have really nice private rooms with sunken tables, which adds to the fun. I remember feeling like I ate a huge amount of sushi for the price, as well.