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Oct 19, 2008 02:19 PM

Tell me your faves

Could you tell me your favorites in Manhattan for the following categories? I'm interested in a place you might go to on a regular basis - not super fancy or super expensive (by that I'm thinking maybe under $175 for two including a bottle of [cheap lol] wine).




and then

Dim Sum

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Chatham Square for Dim Sum
    French - Rue 57
    Italian-Puttanesca; Otto; Paul and Jimmy's

    1. French - Cant provide any good recs
      Italian - Apizz or Novita
      Steak - Wollensky grill or Wolfgangs

      1. French: Le Gigot

        Italian: Lupa

        Dim Sum: I've only been to Chatham Square (there's a recent thread with the name in it - search title:"chatham square") - I liked what we had, but I'm no expert, and there are mixed reviews. I like Chinatown Brasserie (search title:"chinatown brasserie" - I've posted a couple of reports) - it's upscale and expensive, and also has its detractors.