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Oct 19, 2008 02:18 PM

Big Night - Juneau, Alaska - October 2008

On a rainy fall evening, seven couples reunited for their second annual Big Night dinner. Seven courses cooked by seven of the best chefs in Juneau, each paired with a special wine. This year, there was an "Iron Chef" theme and each dish had to include apple. Attached are photos of the first four courses:

1) Amuse Bouche: Apple confit with gorgonzola foam, homemade bacon and port reduction on a toast point
2) Appetizer: Trio of apple-smoked prawn/scallop mouse, smoked prawn, and terrine of smoked seafood
3) Soup: Hefeweissen, apple, and blue cheese soup
4) Pasta: Risotto of apple, cheese, and dungeness crab

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  1. And here are the photos of the last three courses and intermezzo:

    5) Intermezzo: Dyad of local apple sorbet and crabapple/highbush cranberry/nagoonberry sorbet
    6) Entree: Ginger-marinated pork loin on roast sweet potatoes and apples with an apple/ginger pan sauce
    7) Salad: Spinach and walnut salad with apples and manchego (photo missing)
    8) Dessert: Apple struedel a la mode with chocolate apple sauce