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Oct 19, 2008 02:07 PM

Chinese - NYU Area

Whats the best? Standard Chinese.... Solid Dumps, egg rolls, lo mein, sesame chicken, etc...

Thank you.

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  1. sammy's on 6th ave and 11th street is reliable, nothing special but good.

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    1. The best Chinese in the area is going to be Grand Sichuan, either on 7th Ave or on St. Mark's. Freshmen tend to also like the fried rice and lunch combos at Suzie's, though it's not an especially houndish find.

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        I second this rec. I did not order any of the Americanized food this time around (but I did try some at the St. Mark's branch once). If it's comparable to their Sichuan food it should be tasty and high quality. I suggest getting "comfortably numb" with some sichuan peppercorns, if only for a few of your dishes. Their cuisine, despite some sanshool elitism, is comparable to the stuff I had at Spicy and Tasty last time around. And you can get the Mao cuisine without the "long march" to Flushing.

        Also, don't know if you're a student or not, but the place doesn't have a liqour license yet so it's BYOB. You can save some money by bringing your own Qingdao sixer, or whatever. They were very accomadating with our beer, and also with our gluttony. The actually asked if we'd like to move from our 2-top to a larger table because we'd ordered so much food.

      2. I go to Sammy's out of desperation; when time is short, when I'm faint with low blood sugar, but it's not much. I also was a bit freaked out by the long period of closure after the DOH problem. I always feel I'm tossing my fate to the wind as far as the cleanliness issues. I way more trust the boring Amer-Chinese choices at Grand Sichuan on St. Marks. If you can't take the Hunan specialties, do their lemon chicken or other faux Chinese, it's WORLD'S better than Sammy's.