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Oct 19, 2008 01:52 PM

Kale Soy Waffles!

In my continuing quest to use my waffle baker in new and different ways, I did this...

Shred 3-4 cups of kale (half a bunch?), big stems chopped and discarded into dogs dish. Steam with garlic and drain excess liquid add some salt. (I microwaved mine with just a tablespoon of water covered in plastic wrap.) Beat 3 large eggs, add 3-4 rounded tablespoons of soy flour, 1 scant tsp. of baking powder, 1/3 tsp of baking soda, mix together with cooled, steamed kale. Optionally, add some shredded cheese. I did half the batch with and half without and enjoyed both variations. Batter is very thick, don't worry. Bake mixture in the waffle baker. Enjoy with butter. I added seasoning to the batter too. I used cajun spice and smoked paprika this time. Would be amazing topped with chicken and gravy!!! Or diced chicken baked in.

I don't think wheat is good for me, so I've been experimenting with soy flour and found it can be fun.

I know Kale Soy Waffles sounds so weird, but these were great, and nutritious. I also made a second batch with finely shredded carrots and kale. These were great too, but I used too much carrot.

Any one brave enough to try it???

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  1. I would definitely try it if I had a waffle maker!

    1. scuzzo, my friend, you have started a franchise business! call it "scuzzo-licious waffle kingdom" or "scuzzo's waffle land". "waffle-world"? (heh heh!, sounds like chevy chase's "wally-world") {;-D
      <but maybe not the last two, because i made mr. alka promise to never let me go to a store whose name ends in "land" -- or "world".>

      i like your savory waffle ideas. maybe call this one "savory green wheat-free waffles."

      when i saw kale and soy, i thought of soy milk. <cough, cough> but i've never tried soy flour. i love edamame. do you get any of that "fresh" flavor (green?) with the soy flour?

      i bet it'd be good with a wee bit of minced anchovy blended in while the kale is steamed. was it nice and crunchy?

      did you ever try the finely pounded chicken-- pounded till almost "stringy"? (it is in your first eggplant wafflemaker thread somewhere.)

      1. I'm willing to try just about anything once, and I love kale, but I don't have any soy flour. Do you think it would work with whole wheat?

        Also, does the dog actually eat the kale stems?