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Oct 19, 2008 01:34 PM

chill, local restaurant in montreal?

I'm looking for a small, quaint restaurant where the food is fresh, and the dishes are simple but well-made. I love restaurants where the atmosphere is really chill and down-to-earth; I'm not looking for high class, just a place I can go where I know the food will always be good. I'm from San Francisco, and was a die-hard Park Chow fan, if that helps anyone... recently went to new york city and loved "westville." I'm looking for a restaurant like that in Montreal, any suggestions?

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  1. Hi jillian, I too moved here from San Francisco and I do love Park Chow. I think that there are a lot of neighborhood restos like that in Montreal! Perhaps not at quite the same price point as Park Chow (how did they manage that?), but still reasonable. Have you tried Les 2 Singes de Montarvie on St. Viateur? It just about fits the bill, homey food, but a touch more upscale. I live around the corner, so it serves as a local dinner option for us. I think that some of the BYOs are similar as well, in particular Le P'tit Plateau is very homey.

    For others out there playing along, the restaurant jillian is talking about has good beer on tap, "homey" food options like pork chops, short ribs, and a number of pastas. It's very "California"-- eclectic menu, international flavors, and uses local ingredients. That will all have to be interpreted for a Montreal feel. But I think others will have some suggestions. I've linked Park Chow and website is here (

    Park Chow
    1238 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

    1. Park Chow looks like it has a very similar vibe to Buvette Chez Simone, though BCS's food may not be quite as stellar. Maeve Haldane's review in Saturday's Gazoo was spot on.

      Bouchonné wine bar is a bit more upscale in the food and wine department but still very casual and funky.

      Au Pied de Cochon has the atmosphere and food in spades, though may be a little pricier than ideal.

      Other restos of a similar nature:
      - the Justine troika
      - Les Cons Servent
      - Bistro Chez Roger
      - if in the mood for something different, Byblos

      1. I'D add Le Jolifou where it's pretty casual an dthe food is really good.

        I know some people don't like it but Bottega is my go to for pizza.

        1. I like Azar (5899 Sherbrooke West in NDG, 514-482-9095). It's a Lebanese BYOB that has a family-run feel to it. I've only been for lunch; the atmosphere was really relaxed, but the vegetarian plate (like a meze: hummus, Baba ghanouj, falafel, tabouleh, pickled turnip and peperoncini with pitas) shishtaouk plate, and kafta plate were all fresh and tasty and reasonably priced ($10-12 each, a little more on the supper menu).