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Oct 19, 2008 01:15 PM

Best beef tartare in montreal?

Any ideas???

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  1. I'm by no means a tartare expert and have no comparison experience, but we did have a good tartare at Marche 27 on Prince Arthur this summer - its across from the Olde Orchard, just west of St. Laurent.
    You can have it a few different ways. They also have buffalo and tuna (I think they had horse, but dropped it due to lack of demand).

    Also mentioned here

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      And, if you can open your zoological window a little wider, make a beeline to Au Pied de Cochon for the bison tartare. (The starter is a more sensibly sized portion for one person than the huge main dish, btw.)

      1. Had bison tartar at au Pied de Cochon on Saturday. Outstanding. I'd go back.

        1. You must try Le Mechant Boeuf in Old Montreal. They even offer a starter dish with 3 kinds of tartar( tuna, salmon and beef) its so delicious! The restaurant is great and very hip.

          1. I can recommend a few places from personal experience...

            1. Helm on Bernard
            2. La Bete Humaine (though be warned, the service here SUCKS)
            3. Lebanese restaurant Daou in Saint-Laurent - technically not a traditional tartare, but their kibbeh nayeh is amazing. This is pounded raw beef mixed with cracked bulgur and seasonings. Utterly delectable.

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              If you are including kibbeh nayeh (which I absolutely would), then you have to add the kibbeh nayeh from Alep as well. This is a first rate, addictive food product.