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Oct 19, 2008 01:07 PM

Store bought Alfredo?

I love to eat Alfredo sauce (I hate cooked tomatoes and live in a house of tomato sauce eaters) and am trying to find a jarred sauce that actually tastes good so I can enjoy pasta with them. I have tried a few brands- I think Classico and then some kind that came in a pouch. Has anyone found a good premade Alfredo sauce? Thanks!

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  1. In the refrigerator section you can find Buitoni light alfredo (in a plastic tub) that's decent. I believe it's a national brand.

    1. Alfredo is so easy to make, I would just make it. It is essentially, butter and cream simmer together, salt pepper and a little nutmeg. toss with pasta and top with some cheese. heavy cream had a long shelf life in the fridge ( compared to other dairy) and butter is a staple, so it is easy to have the ingrediants on hand. I swear, you can make it in ten min.

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        I agree. My son has disliked red sauce from a very early age. So I tried different brands of premade alfredo and his opinion (and mine) was that they were all nasty at worst and merely tolerable at best. So I started making a small batch for him in a sauce pan when doing red sauce for the rest of us. As cassoulady says, it's easy. So easy in fact, that at the age of 9 my son started making his own sauce. His has evolved and in addition to the ingredients above he thin slices garlic, softens it in the butter and then adds the cream (or half and half or in a pinch, sour cream and milk). At the end he stirs parm or romano directly into the sauce. He's now 26 and has expanded his non-red sauce repetoire and makes way better pasta sauces in that genre than I do! Not to mention the kid can grill a pretty mean steak too!

      2. Never! make your own it's easy.

        1. For all of you that say it's so easy to make your own, could you give us that don't know how, a recipe that only serves one. I have an alfredo recipe that I have made, but my DH won't touch the stuff, and it really doesn't re heat that well, I only need enough for one small serving. Thanks.

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            this is what I would suggest for one serving of pasta (2 oz dry I believe) you can esily double it if you want a larger serving of pasta:
            2tb butter
            1/4 cup cream

            slowly heat together on low til thickened, add pinch of nutmeg, salt and pepper, toss in two TB grated parmesan, toss with pasta

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              My understanding is that the recipe originated at a restaurant called Alfredo's, in Rome. It did not include cream. Here is a link to Mario Batali's version. It is dead simple and can easily be sized for whatever portions you need.


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                Thanks for sharing this Bob......crazy simple for a quick dinner.

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                  Thanks for the link Bob. Funny, that if you read the reviews, most of the people did go ahead and add some cream anyway, or extra cheese. I'll try it without though, since I don't really want to have cream in the house.

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                    dani, good butter and good parm're good to go! ;-)

              2. agreed that jarred alfredo is barely tolerable (guar-gum-o-mania), and why do that when it is very easy to make?

                can use a lighter dairy -- like half and half, too.