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Heidi's - MPLS

Aloha! Friends of ours want us all to go to dinner at Heidi's in November when we are there.
What can anyone tell us? I think I've told you all we're already going to 112, Meritage, Alma
Dakota Club, Cue and now this suggestion. I know for sure I'm going to the Shoreview pool
as often as possible! Thanks in advance and a hui hou!

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  1. Recent discussions:

    Every spot in your post has been dissected on this Midwest board. We all have our passions & aversions around some of these spots. You can be reasonably sure of a good meal, though the weakest option in your list is probably Cue.

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    1. re: KTFoley

      Thanks! I have looked at those and now I feel like the SF Board where there are so many threads
      that start "I'm going to Napa what should I do, etc." I appreciate your listing the threads and
      also your opinion of Cue. The in-laws are planning most of this (and paying) so we are
      in a fortunate position and are offering our suggestions as well. Thanks so much for your
      time! A hui hou!

    2. Although I am not a fan of Alma, there are many who like it, so it's certainly worth a try.

      I would suggest replacing Cue with Fugaise, Saffron, or Vincent. Possibly swap out the Dakota Club, too, unless you really want to enjoy a show.

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      1. re: Jordan

        Also consider Heartland, Lucia's or Cafe Levain for your substitution list. Personally, I thought that my one visit at Heidi's was fine, but I will not be rushing back there. I'd choose any of the substitutes above or those that Jordan suggests for Heidi's.

      2. i agree with the others-- replace cue, and just walk thru the guthrie instead (you can see the whole building w/o purchasing a ticket, minus the stages)! i'd personally go to dinner at heartland, but fugaise and saffron are great recs that would be closer to cue's location, if downtown/riverfront location is important. the others suggested by Jordan and Bob are also great recs if location is not important.

        112, meritage and alma are board favorites--great choices.

        1. make sure someone at the table orders the lamb shank

          1. Definitely go to Fugaise. I've never had food that was anything short of excellent there. It's always pretty easy to get a table there, too (sadly).

              1. re: jfood

                Aloha jFood - I have been enjoying your reports, what a fun assortment of places you have been.
                Many are the same I am going to in two weeks so your reports have been helpful I enjoyed Meritage and Alma from you. Thanks for the links! A hui hou

                1. re: manomin

                  Thanks M. This week has been the food from hell. Had a good pepperoni pizza tonight for the first edible of the week. Am trying to get too 112 Eatery tomorrow night before a weekend down south.

              2. I would dump Cue and Dakota Club and consider the following:

                My list would be as follows:

                Heidi's - great chef (one of the top two or three in the TC)
                La Belle Vie - incredible food and atmosphere
                Lurcat -
                Saffron - interesting middle eastern influenced food