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Oct 19, 2008 12:44 PM

Paella in Philly?

Any recs for a place to get good paella in Philly?
My hope would be something other than the Garces restaurants, which I like but I've been to a few of them relatively recently.

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  1. I like Taste of Portugal on Adams Ave. in the Northeast.

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    1. re: cheesewit

      I second Taste of Portugal for paella. That and an order of the mussels in the red sauce (on the appetizer section of the menu) is plenty of food for two. I would ask them to serve the mussels at the same time as the paella so you can have that delicious garlicky red sauce with some of the rice.

      1. re: nevets

        Thanks for the recs.
        I'm *never* up in the great NE, but might have to make a trip up there.

    2. Bar Ferdinand has it Sunday through Thursday.


      1. I second Bar Ferdinand for paella. We've had it twice there. First time was clearly not prepared just to our order as it was a small portion, though wonderful and enough for several to taste. We were glad to hear they had it available on our most recent visit. This time it arrived about 30-40 minutes after we ordered. Served in the skillet, and it had more in the way of large pieces of chicken, etc. Delicious in every respect, and very authentic sofrito(sp?), etc! Bar Ferdinand has become one of our favorite restaurants either with the kids or just the two of us.

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          I have to disagree with Bar Ferdinand. Was just there and ordered two skillets that came out at separate times. It was terribly over salted, there was very little pieces of any meat (a little sausage, chicken and maybe 6 shrimp for an entire skillet.) The second dish that came out was just as bad, little meat and most of the rice was burned. BF is a cool spot and they have some great appetizers and tapas, but paella is not one of them. I had a great paella dish at Mojecte Mixto about a year ago but I heard the quality is not as good as when they opened.

        2. I 'third' a Taste of Portugal. Their Paelha Valenciana and also Mariscada a Taste of Portugal are very good..I recommend both.

          Casual easy going restaurant..for a more authentic, very casual experience..dine upstairs in the bar area.....good vibe

          1. Yes, Taste of Portugal has an excellent paella. The Paella Valenciana is definitely worth trying and the drive to the NE.