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Oct 19, 2008 12:37 PM

Driving from FLA to NYC - regional food suggestions?

We'll be driving from Ft. Myers Florida to New York City between Christmas and January 3 and would like to plan our trip around wonderful food stops. Can be high or low end. Love regional specialties and shacks as well as fancier places. Mostly want to take advantage of experiences we can only have while in the neighborhood. Would also welcome recommendations for a fantastic place to eat/celebrate New Years eve along the way. Thanks for your input!

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  1. I'll give you some guidance for the corridor of I-95 that runs through North and South Carolina. ;-) (I'm a NYC resident, former NC resident, have made the drive from NYC to Raleigh and NYC to Savannah, GA quite a few times.)

    Maurice's Piggy Park in Santee, SC - Mustard-style barbecue sauce, but once you get over that :-), brilliant stuff. "Maurice" has some distasteful political beliefs but no longer owns these restaurants (it's not a chain, there are three or four of them tops; the one in Santee is not the original but it's nearest the interstate.)

    Bill's Barbecue and/or Parker's Barbecue in Wilson, NC - Both excellent examples of the Eastern NC barbecue style.

    Skylight Inn, Ayden, NC (about 1.5 hours off of 95 and absolutely worth the three-hour round trip detour...yes, I've done this...) - Outside of Allen and Son in Chapel Hill, NC, gets my vote for best barbecue in North Carolina.

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      Thanks so much. Appreciate your input and can't wait!