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Oct 19, 2008 12:15 PM

3 nights on November

My wife and I will be in SF for three nights in November. One is a vegetarian (no meat or fish) and one is not. We are thinking of

Michael Mina
Gary Danko

For Saturday, Sunday, Monday in that order.

We could switch Masa for Acquerello as of the moment.

Michael Mina does not seem in favor here, but we can't find anything comparable with availability on Sunday night. Was thinking of Masa, Ritz Carlton, Coi, La Folie or Ame, and either they have nothing for a vegetarian or no availability.

A few years ago we ate at Quince (liked a lot), FDL (good, but would rather try other places) and Gary Danko (looking forward to going back).

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. I believe that I have seen on this board that Coi has a very good vegetarian tasting menu and most probably the other places you mention make a similar effort, not just steamed veggies or a portobello burger.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Alas, Coi has no availability - it's vegetarian tasting menu looks great. The places I list (Masa, Ritz Carlton, Coi, La Folie or Ame) either have no availability or nothing listed for a vegetarian.

      I'm looking for other suggestions (or some love for Michael Mina)


    2. Fleur de Lys at 777 Sutter (near Union Square) is a beautiful place and would be happy to cater to your specific needs. Chelsea Clinton is a vegetarian and ate there when she was going to Stanford.

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      1. re: walker

        I believe that's the FDL in the opening post. RNYC could you make a meal from this menu?

        I believe they also have a vegetarian basteeya.
        I found it.

        1. re: wolfe

          My wife does not like Moroccan food, alas. FDL is Fleur de Lys.

          1. re: RichardNYC

            Too bad -- I was going to suggest Aziza as well. Are you willing to go to Napa? Because you really should try Ubuntu.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              We won't have a car, so Napa is a bit far.