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Oct 19, 2008 11:32 AM

Hog Head - where to buy in SD

I'm on a mission to make head cheese. Before you gag at my desires, has anyone seen a place in San Diego (I'm guessing mexican market somewhere) that sells whole hog heads?

I may settle for veal head from Vine Ripe if all else fails...

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  1. Try Pancho Villa on El Cajon where it crossed the 805, and of course, Northgate. Call ahead and ask. I was at Pancho Villa yesterday and perused their meat case and saw lots of non-traditional cuts including pieces and parts most Americans wouldn't consider buying. (They also had vine-on cluster tomatoes for $.69/lb that were really pretty good)

    1. Absolutely hit up the major supermercados in SD county. Cabeza de Puerco is THE meat for Pozole.

      1. Have you tried Iowa Meat Farms on Mission Gorge, I bet that they could get it for you.

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          Maybe the big Korean Market on Mercury - Zion Market?

        2. I'll try for Northgate and Pancho villa which is a bit closer to me, but I was hoping for some confirmed sightings.

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            We have bought it at Northgate several times. If they don't have any on display, ask them if they have any in back.

            1. Ranch 99 definitely carries them. Or at least did a few years ago.