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Oct 19, 2008 10:47 AM

five guys burgers and fries

this is a great place i had in alanta and they are all over now and see they are building one on 3208 guadalupe,any one try it and know when they wil open.

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  1. They have a jobs posting on Craigs List saying they hope to be open during the first half of November, perhaps as soon as Nov. 5.

    "We are only about 2 weeks from having this store completed and ready to open. We need to hire 25 individuals in the next 8 days. You are more than welcome to respond to this ad with a resume, but we are also doing walkup interviews is you would like to swing by the store. It is located at 33rd and Guadalupe. We will have a manager on site from 10am - 7pm every weekday for interviews."

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    1. re: ridgeback

      Funny, my mom was telling me that she ate at this place in Asheville, NC last night and that she really enjoyed it. I'm always up for a better burger, so I'll definitely be looking for the hound reports.

    2. Mmmmm! They have a Five Guys in my hometown of Chattanooga. It is really delicious. Same concept as Mighty Fine. but with more burger add-on choices. They've won lots of awards all over the southeast.

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      1. re: curlykerry

        They are 500 time better than Mighty Fine. Mighty fine has no flavor without add-ons. Five Guys has the right amount of greasy goodness and flavorful meat without anything... The paper sack of fries is good too....

        1. re: ylwdog

          Their menu is very similar to the Moyaah menu which also resembles the In and Out menu.

          1. re: Rene

            Hopefully they are better than Mooyah though. I've tried that place 2 times now and won't be gong back. The fresh veggies are great, the rest is mediocre to bleh!

        2. re: curlykerry

          No way, another former Chattanoogan here in Austin!

          I noticed the Five Guys on Hixson Pike (my folks live out past HIxson High), but never got around to eating there. If they are as good as everyone here claims, I'll have to recommend it to my parents.

        3. I'm excited about this place. 15 years ago I lived in the DC area near their original location and was a frequent customer. I was amazed to learn last year that they had branched out nationwide...and now they're coming to Austin. Very cool. I just hope they live up to my recollections!

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          1. re: ridgeback

            I was living in SC when they opened one last year. Have friends that had frequented the original back in it's day and they say a little has changed (which is to be expected when you don't have the original grille and you have to source everything in a different region) but it was pretty close.

            1. re: ridgeback

              I used to live in DC. Now I live in LA.

              Everyone here raves about In N Out. But... it's nowhere near as good as Five Guys. In any respect.

            2. YES! YES! YES!

              I insist on going to 5 Guys every time we go to OH to visit friends. It is fantastic.

              the last time I went there, for my "side order" of fries the lady put the cup of fries in the bag and then dumped another cup of fries in also. I swear it was 2 lbs of fries.

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