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five guys burgers and fries

this is a great place i had in alanta and they are all over now and see they are building one on 3208 guadalupe,any one try it and know when they wil open.

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  1. They have a jobs posting on Craigs List saying they hope to be open during the first half of November, perhaps as soon as Nov. 5.


    "We are only about 2 weeks from having this store completed and ready to open. We need to hire 25 individuals in the next 8 days. You are more than welcome to respond to this ad with a resume, but we are also doing walkup interviews is you would like to swing by the store. It is located at 33rd and Guadalupe. We will have a manager on site from 10am - 7pm every weekday for interviews."

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      Funny, my mom was telling me that she ate at this place in Asheville, NC last night and that she really enjoyed it. I'm always up for a better burger, so I'll definitely be looking for the hound reports.

    2. Mmmmm! They have a Five Guys in my hometown of Chattanooga. It is really delicious. Same concept as Mighty Fine. but with more burger add-on choices. They've won lots of awards all over the southeast.

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        They are 500 time better than Mighty Fine. Mighty fine has no flavor without add-ons. Five Guys has the right amount of greasy goodness and flavorful meat without anything... The paper sack of fries is good too....

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          Their menu is very similar to the Moyaah menu which also resembles the In and Out menu.

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            Hopefully they are better than Mooyah though. I've tried that place 2 times now and won't be gong back. The fresh veggies are great, the rest is mediocre to bleh!

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          No way, another former Chattanoogan here in Austin!

          I noticed the Five Guys on Hixson Pike (my folks live out past HIxson High), but never got around to eating there. If they are as good as everyone here claims, I'll have to recommend it to my parents.

        3. I'm excited about this place. 15 years ago I lived in the DC area near their original location and was a frequent customer. I was amazed to learn last year that they had branched out nationwide...and now they're coming to Austin. Very cool. I just hope they live up to my recollections!

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            I was living in SC when they opened one last year. Have friends that had frequented the original back in it's day and they say a little has changed (which is to be expected when you don't have the original grille and you have to source everything in a different region) but it was pretty close.

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              I used to live in DC. Now I live in LA.

              Everyone here raves about In N Out. But... it's nowhere near as good as Five Guys. In any respect.

            2. YES! YES! YES!

              I insist on going to 5 Guys every time we go to OH to visit friends. It is fantastic.

              the last time I went there, for my "side order" of fries the lady put the cup of fries in the bag and then dumped another cup of fries in also. I swear it was 2 lbs of fries.

              1. I just moved here from DC/Northern Virginia area, and I thought I had escaped Five Guys! Don't get me wrong, their burger is good, and it is just about the only reasonable non fast food burger option in some areas in Northern Virginia. There are much better burgers to be found in Austin though. Worth a try for sure. The fries are excellent.

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                  Five Guys started here in DC, and expanded very rapidly. I find them to be inconsistent, and the fries especially so. When they are on, they are very good, but when they are off, you might as well try eating a hockey puck.

                  1. re: dinwiddie

                    Same experience here. Wildly inconsistent from store to store. But the trick with the fries is to get them out of the bag ASAP. Trapped in the bag, they steam themselves into a heap of oily potato glop. Tear it open, and they stay crisp much longer.

                2. So?

                  has anyone gone?



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                    My husband and I went for lunch today -- I think they opened on Monday, or maybe even more recently than that?

                    The kid at the counter was very helpful and made it a point to inform us that the regular burger has two patties and the little burger has one (I know that's a complaint about Moo-Yah, the automatic upsell of the too-big burger, so I appreciated this employee's diligence). We each got a little burger and split a large fries (which was a metric ton of fries!!!).

                    I liked my burger a lot, and they are generous with the toppings -- beware that the jalapenos are raw, not pickled -- but maybe too generous with the condiments. I found that the huge dollop of mustard obscured the flavor of the burger. But I ate the whole thing anyway! The bun was big and fluffy and fresh, and the fries were nicely seasoned and on the right side of crispy for my tastes (I don't like floppy fries). I was pretty pleased with the quality and the freshness of the food, and with one regular drink and one large drink, our lunch came to about $16 and change.

                    My one complaint -- and it's why I won't dine in there in future, but opt for takeout instead -- is that it is incredibly loud. Every time a customer walks in the door, someone on the line or at the cash register hollered out that a customer walked in the door. They hollered out how many patties needed to be put on the grill. They hollered out order numbers. There was a LOT of hollering. Adding to that was the very loud satellite radio, which was playing 70s FM rock, including Paul Anka's "You're having my baby." Not very nice ambience, although I suppose I could have tuned it out if I were dining alone with a magazine to read.

                    1. re: moosy

                      My report would pretty much mirror bookgrrl72's, except that I like 70's FM. I also liked both the burgers and fries. The fries are made from fresh potatoes, and they are cooked to a perfect golden crispness. I split a large with my friend, and they stuffed the cup as full as they could possibly get it and then threw some more fries into the bag for good measure. The grilled onions, however, were not given the same careful attention as the fries. They were barely sauteed, so nothing like the dark caramelized onions I thought of when I ordered them.

                      1. re: moosy

                        I was in last night for the first time and I was a taken back by the loudness of the place, but I have to admit, I was quickly drawn in! Yes, it is loud, but did anyone notice that the staff was having a great time back there, yet they seem to care about "me" as the guest with explaining the menu to me (so I wouldn't order too much!), explaining to me about where and how to get my food, etc. I hope they never lose any of that!

                        The burgers were juicy and messy (my favorite kind). I have always prefered a MedRare burger but our burgers were cooked well done, but they were as juicy as one that would have been MedRare. The fries with cajun season were perfect! I shared a regular size order with my wife and it was plenty for the both of us.

                        We found our new favorite burger place, and sorry to say to those that can't handle it, we loved the Five Guys energetic atmosphere and messy burgers! We are going back tomorrow with our friends and family (while everyone is watching the game) and we are going to have a good time!

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                          A Five Guys burgers recently opened on the west side of Akron Ohio in a old McDonald's location but I haven't visited that location.

                        2. I found it kind of bland compared to mooyah. which is the exact same setup. interesting fad. If i was near five guy i'd probably go the extra couple blocks and get the ot special at dirty's with some tots.