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Orujo De Hierbas

I am looking for an online source (preferably in the U.S. to control shipping charges, but would consider ordering from a reliable international source) where I can purchase orujo de hierbas. I fell in love with it in Spain, and haven't been able to find it in the U.S. ANYWHERE. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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  1. I wish I coudl help you. I'm looking for the meil Orujo.MMMM, Asturias....MMM, orujo

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      How timely that this thread was finally responded to! I did (finally) find place to buy the Orujo de Hierbas online a couple of months ago! The Fine Spirits Corner in Barcelona offers online ordering and shipping to the U.S. I got amazing customer service, and my three bottles of that kick-arse neon-yellow delight arrived promptly and intact. I scoured the web and every local supplier for a couple of years, and this is the only place I was finally able to procure it.


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          Which brands did you order? Did you phone them or write via the internet? Do they understand English?

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            You can contact them via the "contact us" link on their website. That's how I did it to ensure that they would indeed ship to the U.S. and explain what I needed before I ordered. They do have English-speaking staff, and I got great communication from them via email. They walked me through the international ordering process, notified me when my order was shipped, etc. I was very impressed. I ordered a few bottles of Martin Codax Licor de Herbas de Galicia...which turned out to be exactly the same neon yellow, kick-arse concoction I so so fondly remembered. ;)

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              Thanks for the information--I enjoyed a glass of it in Barcelona and am glad to learn it can be obtained. Are there stiff international tariff charges in addition to shipping?

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                Hi...just to clarifiy, I double-checked and realized that I initiated the transaction using the email address in the "contact us" link on their website (info@spiritscorner.com). I don't remember them referencing any tarriffs...but shipping from Barcelona to Florida was not cheap (I want to say it was around $65 for three bottles). They will tell you the shipping cost before you order....they are super-helpful, and communicate very efficiently via email in excellent English.

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                  Thanks again for your kind follow-up. By the way, I located another place that ships to the US (from Spain, with an English website). The prices are in USD, and the rates are much higher than what the Barcelona place is charging, even with the Euro conversion. In case you'd like to have a look:

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                    Thanks! It's always good to have a backup resource, considering how incredibly difficult this stuff is get.

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                  Now I'm on their email distribution list, and I just got this news flash. Cheers!

                  "We have introduced for our US and Canadian customers CHEAPER shipping options.

                  For these 2 countries we have introduced the shipping options:

                  Canada (Economic Mail)
                  Canada (Economic Mail with insurance) - with this option you have 100% coverage in case of breakages, losses or customs problems
                  USA (Economic Mail)
                  USA (Economic Mail with insurance) - with this option you have 100% coverage in case of breakages, losses or customs problems

                  These shipping options are equivalent to a reduction of 50% - up to 100% !!

                  The delivery time is longer (aproximately 4 weeks), but in case you are not in a hurry, the cost difference will pay off.

                  These cheaper shipping options are already available.

                  We have been negotiating for a very long time, and we hope that you find these 2 new shipping options interesting."

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                    Sweet Polly,
                    I am assuming the new rates are from spiritscorner.com--correct? By the way, they also carry Carlos I Imperial Brandy, unobtainable in the US--excellent stuff and better than Torres Jaime I (another great Spanish brandy that can be found in the US for approx $100.)

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                        Hi sweet_polly - Hi - I just came across your blog and I'm very interested to hear more about your progress/news on on procuring Orujo. I'm aware this blog dates back to 2009, but if you get this, I'd like to know the status or where you are at this point with all this. You can reach me at: mm.galaic@gmail.com

                        Thanks in advance for all your help.


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                          Just a quick request:

                          If you have an update on where to find Orujo, we hope you'll post it here so that everyone reading the thread can see it. Tips sent by email feed one hound, while tips shared on the site feed many!