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Oct 19, 2008 10:22 AM

Cafe Calore in Freehold

It's funny but even though this restaurant has been open quite awhile and its only minutes from my home, we have never been there. Last night on a whim, dh wanted to try it. We walked in around 5 with no reservations and the host mentioned that we were just making it because had we waited, there wold be no tables available. Anyway, long story short, we have a wonderful meal there. We shared a butternut squash rissoto with pears, fontina cheese that was topped with amaretti cookies. Divine. I had veal and sage ravioli that was blended with mushrooms, spinach and sauced with a demi glaze. DH had these special ribs with home made potato chips and coleslaw. I can't believe I've been missing out all these years...we will be back.

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  1. We use to go there about 10 years ago and always liked the place, but it fell off our radar screen. Nice to know they are still around and doing a good job. Really not a lot of decent Italian restaurants in central Jersey and based on your comments we will give them a try again. Thanks for sharing your expeience.

    1. Funny that you're posting about Cafe Calore. They have a huge billboard along Route 9, and when I passed it the other day, I thought about trying it again. I say "again" because, like Jerzey Shore, we ate there a couple of times many years ago. While the food was quite good, the problem was that smoking was still permitted, and even though they had a section for non-smokers, it was not totally separate, so we stopped going. Obviously, that would not be a hindrance now. Based on your report, it does sound as though it's definitely worth another try.

      1. I went to Cafe Calore Freehold NJ today for lunch. (It is open for lunch even though the signs on the door says otherwise) I had a wonderful appetizer, Tuscan Rolls, sausage, escarole. white beans, and ricotta, deep fried in a crispy pasta wrap with a balsamic fig sauce - Yummy Ying Yang. Also had a fresh grilled shrimp and arugula salad with provolone, red peppers and artichokes. Very happy lunch. Large Dining Room, Good background Music, Nice staff. Worth a visit!

        1. hmmm, I gotta go back. like other posters here it's been years since I ate there. Still can remember the taste of the Tuscan Chicken special that night - mmmm.

          1. Where is this located in Freehold? Sounds like we should add this to our "try soon list"

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              Its located in the same strip mall as my way bakery...right before Perkins on rt. 9 north. You will need reservations for weekends though.