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Oct 19, 2008 10:13 AM

Brie + Food pairing...

....A buttery Chardonnay w/ buttery cheese makes sense,
but why does St. Andre/Brie go with Champagne/Sparking ?
(Book said this is ideal pairing) B/c of the big contrast?

Also, why Brie + Bordeaux/Cabernet ?
Is it b/c you need a full bodied wine to stand up to the full bodied fat/cheese?


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  1. Champagne or other high-acid white wines + St. Andre or Brie type cheeses:

    Effervescence loves fat and salt is the rule I teach.

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      Wait, so I can pair brie with acidic. (Sauv Blanc, etc)
      But I can also pair it with oaky. (Chard)
      Or a full bodied red. (Cab, Bordeaux, etc)

      So, Brie basically goes with anything !?!

      1. re: 914NYC

        As a general rule, I like soft, creamy cheeses to be paried with wines higher in acidity. There are certainly some oaky, buttery chardonnays that have enough acid to work, but I like to go in the direction of bubbles, sauv blanc, chenin, pinot blanc.

        The cheeses I especially like with bubbles are chaource, explorateur, and gratte paille.

        1. re: 914NYC

          IMO, a buttery, oaky Chard will demolish a delicate brie (then again, I loathe those wines in general).

          I 100% agree with maria WRT bubbles a/o acid.

      2. maybe its just me (although reading the other posts I guess not) but a buttery chard might be the last thing that I'd pair some brie with. love the champagne pairing and just did it this weekend with some Henriot and Brunette, a soft creamy cheese. OTOH, I really like to pair Brillat Savarin with some PN. Just no chard...